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True North

What does Canada stand for now? Have we lost our international reputation as a nature-loving, peacekeeping haven for newcomers?

Diplomatic to the Core

Diplomatic to the Core

U of T has helped train many of Canada’s top diplomats

100 Million Canadians

100 Million Canadians

Could Canada’s path to superpower status be a number’s game?

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The Debut

How do you write a bestselling first novel? If you’re Tom Rachman, you start by majoring in film

Illustration by Christopher Silas Neal

Understanding Autism

Scientist Stephen Scherer aims to uncover the genetic causes of an incurable neural disorder

The ABC's of Autism

The ABCs of Autism

Contrary to stereotypes, most autistic children don’t bang their heads, and fewer than one per cent are brilliant savants

Genetic Testing - a Double-edged Sword?

Genetic Testing – a Double-edged Sword?

Autism isn’t preventable or curable. So why pursue genetic testing?

President David Naylor

Realizing Our Potential

Growing evidence shows the importance of life’s early years


Readers weigh in on the “The Next Big Idea” and aviation’s early days in Canada

A Capital Achievement

In nearly half a century at U of T, economics prof Michael Hare has touched thousands of students’ lives

Architectural Rendering: Kongats Architects

Tomorrow’s Doctors

Medical students will doubly benefit from Terrence Donnelly’s new gift

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The Long Goodbye

ROSI, the aging online student service, is being replaced over the next several years with a friendlier, more flexible system

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Sidewalk Surfin’

Professor Mark Kortschot has invented a new kind of skateboard

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Thinking Small

Philosophy prof Donald Ainslie will champion interactive group learning as principal of U of T’s largest college

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Don’t Overdo It!

Women who exercise strenuously may be at greater risk of developing dementia later in life, study finds

Islam and the Bible

Islam and the Bible

What do Arabic translations of Christianity’s holy book reveal about three of the world’s great religions?

Illustration by Yarek Waszul

A Cure for Red Tape

Instead of fighting bureaucratic inefficiency, why not go around it?


Sometimes, being unemployed can be positive – it depends on who you ask

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Detecting Cancer

A new technique using light and metal nanoparticles could help save lives

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The End of Moore’s Law?

For almost half a century, computer chips have doubled in power every 18 months. But this may not hold true for much longer, says Eugene Fiume

Photo: Google Earth

The Urban Forest

“Neighbourwoods” uses Google Earth to share info about the health of city trees

Body Double

A U of T team finally settles the question of where Tom Thomson was buried

Photo by Ivan Otis

Tales from a Troubadour

Justin Rutledge talks about the art of writing lyrics, working with Michael Ondaatje and surviving cat attacks

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Green Gadfly

Tom Rand has opened what he calls North America’s most environmentally friendly hotel

Photo by David Leyes

The Ties That Bind

Joy Fielding explores a tangled mother-daughter relationship in her new book, Now You See Her

Photo by Michael Chambers Photography

The Making of a Judge

George Carter, the first Canadian-born black judge in the country, worked as a train porter to pay his tuition

Photo by James Petranik

Steve Petranik and Ann Auman

A Varsity romance is still going strong after more than 30 years

Photo by Lou Wise

The Flying Photographer

89-year-old Lou Wise has dedicated much of his life to shooting images of the Earth from above

Photo by ACBL and Ron Tacchi

60 Seconds With Fred Gitelman

Canada’s bridge champion is trying to save the game from falling off a demographic cliff

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Regal Reception

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth enjoy a visit to U of T in May 1939

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