Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

The Superbug Hitlist

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these are considered the most urgent or serious threats

What Can Patients and Physicians Do?

Dr. Allison McGeer gives advice on the use of antibiotics


Can Kirstine Stewart, a former CBC executive, boost Twitter’s fortunes?

Who Is @kirstinestewart?

Learn about Kirstine Stewart from her tweets

The Science of Mindfulness

Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout

How Mindfulness Helps

Studies show that mindfulness meditation improves everything from stress to binge eating

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on the Charter of Quebec Values, psychiatric medication and international aid in conflict zones

Job Ready

U of T is developing new programs to help students succeed after graduation

Keeping Ontarians Healthy

New $60-million joint initiative will help people living with both mental and physical illnesses

Inside the Palace

Prof. Chen Shen reveals how life was in China’s Forbidden City

Letters from the Past

U of T acquires the personal letters of Major-General James Wolfe

Fighting Math Anxiety

U of T’s Math Outreach instructors are changing hearts and minds about an often-feared subject

Boundless Promise

A long family history at the university encouraged this couple to create a new scholarship

Visual Aide

The biomedical communications program at U of T Mississauga helps students communicate complex ideas

Rights under Siege

U of T hosts the World Pride Human Rights Conference to give LGBT activists a voice

Screen Test

Video applications for MBA applicants a hit at the Rotman School

The Beat Goes On

U of T acquires the “ultimate insider” collection of Allen Ginsberg photos of key pop-culture figures from the 1950s–1990s

Our Man in Beijing

Cultures meet at Sid Smith Hall

In Memoriam: Richard Simeon

A talent for building bridges made Simeon a sought-after advisor on federalism

In Memoriam: Joan Lax

Joan Lax made her mark in a male-dominated profession

Herb Appeal

Scientists aim to isolate and harness marijuana’s pain-killing properties to create more effective medicines

A Real-Life Cloaking Device

Invisibility appears possible as researchers use an electromagnetic field to hide objects

Hot Tubbing

In the world of law, hot tubbing is a common practice

Beyond the Group of Seven

Grad student Sara Angel has an ambitious idea to make Canadians more aware of our rich visual arts heritage

Word Perfect

New software will help people with speech problems be more clearly understood

The Meaning of Mandela

A South African reflects on the life and legacy of a human rights champion

Where People Pedal

Why are some wards more popular among cyclists than others?

The World’s Worst Greenhouse Gas

Widely used industrial chemical has 7,100 times the potential climate impact of carbon dioxide

Singing It for Themselves

Erin Bardua and Maureen Batt founded an opera company that’s not highbrow or high-cost, but simply fun

The Big Tasty

How Zella Palmer Cuadra’s MA project became a cookbook

A Medal for Mettle

Police Sergeant Jeffery Alderdice wasn’t sure how he’d react to the dangers of Afghanistan, but he more than passed his test of courage


Claire Battershill’s new short story collection, Circus, explores the extraordinary

Spreading Smiles

Johanna Schaeffer and Harold Isaacs brighten many lives through their volunteer work

A Bright Light

Dorrian Porter builds a monument to visionary Nikola Tesla in Silicon Valley

Reverse Succession

When his son fell ill with cancer, Ian Lightstone stepped up to carry on Jeremy’s business vision

Buzzing about Bees

What’s the buzz around urban beekeeping? Gurushabd Khalsa tells all

Game of Kings and Queens

U of T’s chess club – Canada’s oldest – is undergoing a 21st-century revival

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