Spring 2018
Letters to the Editor

Admiration for cookbook author Edna Staebler, for Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health, and for the winning entry of our short story contest

A Literary Legacy

Edna Staebler endowed the Kitchener Public Library with funds to appoint a writer-in-residence. I worked at the library at the time and made a yearly visit to her home on Sunfish Lake to discuss who might be offered the post. Over the years, Edna and I became friends. As suggested in your recent profile (“Finding Comfort in Food,” Winter 2018), she had a wonderful effect on those who met her – and she is still very much missed. The library hosted her 85th birthday with a grand party attended by author Pierre Berton and more than 200 fans. A fundraiser, the Edna Staebler Golf Classic, held in October 2006, went ahead as planned even though Edna died on Sept. 12. We all felt she would have wanted that.

Georgina Green
Kitchener, Ontario


Alternate Career Paths

I loved the inspirational story about Rena Arshinoff (“A New Life after Loss,” Winter 2018), who left the medical field to become a rabbi. It made me think of my daughter, who has finished one degree and is now working through her second. Like so many young adults, she needs to know that she can explore more than one career path and not be afraid to do so.

Joyce Thomas
BPHE 1990, BEd 1993, Courtice, Ontario


A Beautiful Story

Regarding the winner of last year’s U of T Magazine short story contest, “Fanny & Keats”: I never knew a story could be so beautiful, entertaining and satisfying. Well done!

Leslee Mordaunt
BSc PT 1986, Nedlands, Australia


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Tweets from readers about our Winter 2018 issue


Several expressed admiration for Edna Staebler, the author of Food That Really Schmecks …

I love Edna Staebler’s cookbooks, and I love this @uoftmagazine article.
Rachel Bee @hufflepunked


… and for MP and U of T alumna Celina Chavannes.

Inspiring stuff! I did all right in school but never felt too confident. Stories like Celina’s help me keep my head up for opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise consider.
Alex Reino @alexreino

The more I learn about @MPCelina the more inspired I get. Read this awesome profile in @uoftmagazine.
Elyse SuretteDiMuzio @elysesd_


The story of a nursing student who was determined to graduate following a serious car accident impressed many readers …

Fantastic story about the challenges and support for the nursing student! Kudos to her, and thank you for sharing. Very powerful what reality can show us!
Linda Hunter @lhunter1310

@UofTNursing is an incredible program with very caring professors. This is just one example of its amazing faculty. #nursingstudent #UofT #bloombergnursing
Emily Burnham @EmilyGGB29


… as did the efforts of a group of U of T–affiliated hospitals to eliminate medical errors.

Thanks to @uoftmagazine for the thorough and thoughtful piece by Marcia Kaye on the @UHN Caring Safely Transformation. Great overview.
Daniel Girard @danrgirard


President Meric Gertler’s trip to Africa drew praise …

I’m glad President Gertler had a chance to see the great work done by many who are part of the Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration.
Lynn Wilson @drlynnwilson


… as did the work of alumna Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health.

Wonderful to see our @epdevilla featured in @uoftmagazine discussing social determinants of health and key public health issues facing Toronto, including opioids and homelessness.
Adalsteinn Brown @SteiniBrown

I was fortunate to work with Eileen de Villa when she was a med student. I’m not surprised at her great success!
Lynn Wilson @drlynnwilson


There was also a nod for Marc Lewis’s insight into addiction and recovery.

I agree that thinking of addiction as a disease can create a false sense of powerlessness.
Ryan Reed @RyanMaynorReed


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