Young Offenders

Admit it. You find impressive young people irritating. Prepare to be bugged. Here is the University of Toronto Magazine‘s first-ever list of alumni 40 and under who are taking the world by storm

The Sorcerer

Since leaving tax law, David Ben has become one of the world’s greatest sleight-of-hand artists

Music Mavens

Measha Brueggergosman, Russell Braun, Amber Meredith, James Rolfe, Patricia O’Callaghan and Adam Goddard

Big on Business

Paul Giannaris, Dionne England, Eira Thomas, Natalie Townsend and Leonard Asper

Drama Queens

Krista Sutton, Jean Yoon, Kim Gaynor, Elvira Kurt and Kate Taylor

Media Stars

Avi Lewis, Nora Young and Ruby Bhatia

Mad About Science and Math

Rachel Tyndale, Vincent Tropepe, Deborah Fels, Shaf Keshavjee, Ed Doolittle, Akiko Iwasaki

In Their Own Write

Kenneth Oppel, Andrew Pyper, Lynn Crosbie, Cristina Kuok, David Layton and Tim Long

The Tangled Web

Hal Niedzviecki, Eva Lau, Elliot Noss, Tara Ariano and Bobby John

Good Eggs

Maliha Chishti, Bhante Saranapala, Jim O’Mara, Lesra Martin, Bindu Dhaliwal and Duff Conacher

Grand Designs

Banu Khurana, Andrew Jones and Sywa Sung

Star Students

Tilo Kunath, Naana Jumah and Sheila Heti

Sweet Tooth

Dentist Ken Montague eschews the factory-method of treatment, and runs a photography gallery in his spare time

The President’s Residence

Despite its role as a public venue, 93 Highland is the rambling kind of place that Harry Potter could inhabit quite nicely.

A Troubling Disparity

Narrowing the student-faculty visible minority gap

Natural Reactions

Herbs and other natural remedies can have negative side effects or harmful interactions with drugs

What Was I Thinking?

Ecstasy use can lead to memory impairment, study finds

Private Practice and the Public Purse

“We need to rethink the scope of out public health-care system,” says law prof

The Travel Bug Can Kill You

Malaria is becoming a serious health threat for international travellers

Abuse Is Not Just Physical

National study reveals that most child welfare investigations are due to neglect and emotional abuse

Divining the Message

Manuscripts shed new light on life in mediaeval Italy

A Fly on the Wall, Literally

Parasitic flies may hold secret to better hearing-aid technology

Our New Look

U of T Magazine undergoes a facelift

Practice Makes Perfect

State-of-the-art pharmacy lab will include compounding and dispensing facilities

Remembering Churchill

Reading room named after the former British prime minister

AIDS Lab to Be Upgraded

$300,000 injection will make U of T a real contender on the HIV research front, says program director

Birgeneau Elected to Royal Society

Former president Robert Prichard named president of Torstar, and three profs pick up Killam Fellowships

Keeping Canada on the Radar Screen

New chairs established at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

New Student Centre for UTSC

Students vote to contribute $60 a year each to project

All in the Family

Three generations of women work or study at U of T

Malcolm McGrath Retires

Assistant engineering dean helped start U of T Day and established the Leaving Class Pledge

Michael Morgan Named Moss Scholar

UTAA honours students, staff and faculty with Awards of Excellence

A Trinity Man

60 years later, Rupert Schieder can still fit into his red college jacket

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