Awarding Outstanding Native Students

Faculty named to the Order of Canada and Order of Ontario

Young Grads, Big Ideas

Today’s young graduates are aiming straight for the top

Vincent Lam

Prize-winning author captures extremes in human behaviour

Mark Schatzker

The journalist and traveller aims to “see, feel and taste differences in the land”

Maggie MacDonald

This artist and musician is trying her hand at almost everything

Ben Barry

Modelling agent promotes women of all ages, shapes and sizes

Sara Seager

Astronomer is aiding the search for another Earth

Raja Khanna

Self-described “digital media pioneer” is bringing television to cellphones

Kellie Leitch

Orthopedic surgeon is the federal government’s advisor on healthy children and youth

Tenniel Chu

Taking a swing at golf in China

Allen Chan and Matt Davis

Designer Guys transform their clients’ dowdy surroundings into hip spaces

Luis Jacob

Toronto artist is one of two Canadians invited to documenta 12, a massive international art exhibition

Katrina Merrem

Searching for the perfect chocolate

Zaib Shaikh

Actor lands a plum role with a CBC hit

Nima Arkani-Hamed

Harvard physicist seeks theory to unite relativity with quantum mechanics

Andrea Brueckner

Lindsay Lohan catapults fashion designer’s handbags to fame

Ryan Pyle

Self-taught photographer is capturing China in transition

Wendy Yu

Marketing whiz is bringing the NBA to China

Lawrence Ho

Casino king is making his mark in Macau

Anthony Lacavera

Telecom entrepreneur sees a big future in smartphones

Jonathan Anschell

As general counsel for CBS Television, he rubs shoulders with a lot of celebrities. But one meeting in particular stands out

Love Story

Rasha Mourtada’s story placed first in University of Toronto Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

Of Schumann and Sheep Skulls

Martin Kofsky’s story placed second in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry contest

Smart Girls Writing Something Catch the Eye at Once – for Alison

Carleton Wilson’s poem placed first in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Writing Contest

France August 1992

Brigid Elson’s poem placed second in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

About the Judges

A panel of six judges picked the winners in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

The Innermost Circle

The humanities play a central role at U of T

A Shiver of Recognition

The best stories and poems reveal something about human experience that hasn’t occurred to us before

Cause Celeb

Do Hollywood stars change the public’s perception of issues?

Can a Brain Change?

Dr. Norman Doidge argues that the brain is far more malleable than previously thought

Under the Toronto Sun

U of T teams with ARISE and Portlands Energy Centre to design the city’s first solar power research facility

Cancer Killer

Implant infused with drugs can treat ovarian cancer, minus the chemo side effects

Braking News!

New kind of tail lights could reduce vehicle accidents

Speakers of the House

Two second-year students take home top debating prize

Father Figure

Bryan Friedman’s award-winning documentary charts his dad’s quest for bodybuilding supremacy

Natural Selection

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada forms partnership with U of T

ROM Campaign Architect Named Chief Advancement Officer

Other recent appointments include Bill Graham as Trinity’s 12th chancellor

Hal Jackman Doubles Gift to the Humanities

Largest commitment ever by an individual to the humanities at a Canadian university

Ms. Patten’s Opus

Donation from Governing Council chair will refurbish Con Hall organ

Band of Brothers

Fraternity sets up scholarship from house proceeds

Out of the Blue

$1.5-million gift surprises Emmanuel College principal Peter Wyatt

The Cabbage Patch Kid

Mike Wood’s unusual talent has taken him around the world

Our Dinner with Harvey

Evening with “strangers” connects alumni, students and professors

Canada Post Honours Moriyama

Seven alumni and one student appointed to Order of Canada

153 Students Receive Cressy Awards

Eleanore Gann honoured for Darfur advocacy

Hark the Heraldry

A display in the Great Hall is Alexander Scott Carter’s masterpiece

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