Out and Proud

How students, faculty, staff and alumni brought queer activism to the University of Toronto and changed the campus forever

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The March to Equality

40 years of sexual equality rights in North America and around the world


LGBTQ Wants You!

U of T’s LGBTQ alumni are building a stronger community

Nikki Stratigacos

T is for Trans

It’s time to cast off dated notions about masculinity, femininity and “opposite” sexes

U of T Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies

Gay Studies Branches Out

In a single decade, U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program has become one of the largest of its kind in North America

Illustration by James Joyce

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Intelligence by itself doesn’t make you rational. Thinking rationally demands mental skills that some of us don’t have and many of us don’t use

How Rational Are You?

How Rational Are You?

Five questions to get you thinking

Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher

The Gordon Cressy Awards recognize new graduates who have made outstanding contributions to U of T. For these past winners, helping others has become a way of life

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Kieran Hayward

“My dream is to be one of the inspired citizens who shape Toronto for the better”

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Helen Tewolde

“My deepest ambition is to focus on learning and practising leadership in new and challenging contexts”

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Breese Davies

“The privilege of living and working in Canada comes with the duty to protect the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable.”

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Preena Chauhan

“I can always do more for others”

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Aly-Khan Rajani

“One wishes for a day when people everywhere can live with dignity”

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Gurjit Sangha

“Leadership isn’t just about having vision – it’s about having the right people work with you, because you can’t do it alone”

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Matthew Cimone

“It is amazing to me the encouragement we get from those we are ostensibly trying to help”

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Stephen Tracy

“I believe we should each apply our own unique skills for the betterment of humanity”

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis

“My goal isn’t to end global conflict, but to end the suffering of people who live in places where conflict takes away their basic human rights”

Andrew Pinto, photo by Amna Iqbal

Dr. Andrew Pinto

“Life outside the classroom is vital to one’s education”

Melissa Kluger

Melissa Kluger

“The award motivated me to dream up new ideas and take risks”

Rahim Hirji

Dr. Rahim Hirji

“I dream of writing a book on leadership and self-improvement, and traveling the world as a motivational speaker”

Geoff Ibbotson

Dr. Geoff Ibbotson

“This is what leadership means to me – serving people”

Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg

“I would love to contribute to the cure for cancer”

Mark Slade

Mark Slade

“The global financial crisis is forcing everybody to think differently about business”

Universities and the Innovation Economy

U of T is laying new foundations for prosperity

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s Institute of Child Study, the war in Afghanistan, academic integrity and VE-Day on campus

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Women in Law

Some women leave the legal profession to raise a family. A new Faculty of Law program helps them return

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Our Home and Native Land

Recently, students travelled across Ontario to learn about the province’s First Nations

A Classicist's Legacy

A Classicist’s Legacy

The M.B. Wallace Memorial Graduate Award in Classics

Photo by Evan Dion

Max Gluskin House

Renovation to the economics department wins second place in local people’s choice architecture awards

T Fox

Best of the Blues

U of T’s Sports Hall of Fame names its 2009 inductees

Photo by Lisa Sakulensky

In Memoriam: Warren Goldring

Mutual-fund guru Warren Goldring was an outstanding volunteer and caring philanthropist at U of T

Photo by Shi Yali

Connecting Communities

Investing in high-speed rail and clean electricity could help lift Toronto out of the recession – and set the stage for a sustainable future

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The Ideal Distance from Farm to Fork

Local food isn’t always environmentally the best, says geography prof Pierre Desrochers

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

What’s a CEO Worth?

Rotman dean Roger Martin says executive pay shouldn’t be tied to a company’s stock price, after all

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

Undermining Staying Power

If a business wants to enjoy the benefits of long-term staying power, it must reject theories built on shareholder value theory and replace them with a theory embedded firmly in the real market

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / Alliance Films

Mind Reader

An infrared ray may help caregivers decode the wishes of people with severe paralysis

Photo by Todd Van Horne

Care for the Aged

Canada faces a shortage of geriatricians for a rapidly greying population, says Dr. Barry Goldlist

Photo by Liam Sharp

Food for Thought

Nick Saul serves up healthy meals and civic engagement at The Stop

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Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller

Economist Jeff Rubin’s new book contemplates life after the Oil Age

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60 Seconds with Victoria Banks

The Nashville songwriter has released her first CD


Five Grads Named to Top 40 Under 40

Jewison and Cronenberg receive film honours, and Kelly Nelson Doran wins Canada Council for the Arts’ Prix de Rome in Architecture

Photo by Fred Lum

Voice of Silence

Journalist Andrew Mitrovica meets one of In Cold Blood’s reticent Clutter sisters

The Two of Us

Ronda Wabie and Greg Evans

A second meeting at the Victoria College pub brought two students eye to eye

David Cvet

Master of Medieval Combat

David Cvet teaches U of T students the finer points of grappling and single-hand sword work

Clara Benson/Courtesy of the University of Toronto Archives

The March of Time

Convocation procession highlights progress women were making at U of T

Honorary Degree Recipients

U of T confers its highest award on distinguished leaders, authors, volunteers and alumni

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