Illustration by Jesse Lenz

Unlocking Our Potential

U of T researchers suggest life’s early years might be even more important than we thought

Dr. Eric Jackman

Opening Doors

Gifts totalling $8 million for the newly named Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study will help position U of T as a global leader in the study of early human development

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The Watchman

Human rights researcher Samer Muscati helps Iraqis find justice in a nation beginning to rebuild

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Read the Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2011 Alumni Short Story Contest

David Naylor

Meeting Global Challenges

U of T is teaching future leaders to think creatively across disciplines

Summer 2011 letters

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to articles about exercise and dementia, a long-time prof and a royal visit

Literature Junkie

From street art to hip hop, Nick Mount connects English lit to pop culture

Photo: Courtesy of Christine Kung’u

Women’s Advocate

Christine Kung’u fights for the rights of abused women in her native Kenya

Photo by Ken Jones

Intellectual Hubs

New instructional centres are opening at U of T’s east and west campuses

Shirley Wiitasalo’s Black Sun, Oil on canvas, 1994. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid, courtesy of Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

Premier Painter

Governor General’s Award-winner Shirley Wiitasalo says “I didn’t choose painting, it chose me”

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Join Us!

U of T’s high-tech recruitment strategy is yielding more top-notch applicants

Illustration by Emily Tu

Defeating Dementia

Mark Tanz’s $5-million gift will support research into Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases

Photo: Images from the History of Medicine

Fighting Tooth Decay

A new way of peering inside teeth could find lesions before they become cavities and eliminate the need for “drilling and filling”

Photo Courtesy of Oxford University Press

Better Living

Happiness is often a component of a good life. But it’s not the only one

Hint Fiction

What can you write in less than 25 words?

Illustration: Robert Samuel Hanson

Your Loss is Your Gain

Should people get paid for shedding weight and pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

Photo: Royal Photographic Society/Science & Society Picture Library

Still Life

Pictures of animals through history reveal how our thinking about them has changed

Ontario Signs Up for Health

New long-term study could translate into better health policy and clinical practice

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Arab Spring

Will the uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East usher in lasting change?

Photo: Tanja Tiziana

Bicycle Power!

Why not use exercise bikes to supply electricity back to the grid?

Illustration by Emily Tu

Setting the Scene

Professor Dan Silver comes up with a new way of looking at cities

Photo by Andrew Rowat

Rules of Conduct

As chief of protocol, Desmond Parker brings peace of mind to United Nations’ guests

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Lord of the Loaves

Steve Gibson’s final MBA project has left him rolling in dough

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In the Name of the Daughter

In her literary debut, lawyer Emma Ruby-Sachs wonders about the personal costs of activism

Photo Courtesy of Phil Borg

Portrait of Generation Y

Shot in just 10 days, Julian De Zotti’s first feature film was selected for the Montreal World Film Festival

Photo Courtesy of Jane and Roger Brown

Forever Love

For Jane and Roger Brown of Midland, Ontario, first love lasted a lifetime

Photo by Mark Balson

Rooftop Gardener

Sarah Wilson was one of 177 graduating students to win a Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award this year for extracurricular contributions

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At Your Service

After three decades as a reporter, Caitlin Kelly enters the low-wage world of retail

Photo Courtesy of Murtz Jaffer

Even Better Than the Real Thing?

What’s the ongoing appeal of reality TV? “It’s an adrenaline high-speed version of real life,” says Murtz Jaffer

Photo: U of T Archives B1998-0033 [731090B-40]

Sage of Aquarius

Marshall McLuhan holds court at the Centre for Culture and Technology

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