Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Escaping Gridlock

What’s the solution to Toronto’s traffic problems?

Illustration by Pui Yan Fong

Perfect Harmony

A new U of T research centre will investigate the curative power of music

How Music Gets Inside

At its simplest, music is just sound. And sound is just vibration. So how does it get inside us, and influence us?

Courtesy of Doug Richards/Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Revolutionary Road

Forty years ago, an intrepid group of professors and students sparked progress for women across U of T

Courtesy of Status of Women Office

The Joe College-Betty Coed Consciousness-Raising Blues

Myrna Kostash reflects upon the new women’s studies course at the University of Toronto in a 1972 Miss Chatelaine article

Feminist Revolution at U of T

Milestones over more than a century

Photo by Gustavo Toledo

Serendipitous Circumstances

The Toronto region is a great home for a global university

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers reminisce about their learning experiences with Northrop Frye and Marshall McLuhan.

Photo by Tim Fraser

Facing an Emergency?

Traumatologist Dr. Homer Tien advises that you don’t waffle

Photo courtesy of Sima Atri

In Pursuit of Justice

Two U of T students recommend reparations for victims of child soldiers in Uganda

Photo by Jessica Wong

Exploring Narrative Expression

Prof. Catherine Heard recently instructed each of the 17 students in her class to create a graphic novelette

Photo by Steve Frost

Unlimited Potential

U of T Mississauga campaign targets pressing societal challenges

Photo by Nicola Betts

A Vision for Tomorrow

Victoria University, the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Tanz Centre recently launched their own campaigns

Photo courtesy of Vincent Lee

A Spark of Genius

U of T engineers use playing cards to replicate a Paris landmark

Photo by Nicolle Wahl

Popular Scientist

Eugenia Duodu wins award for her research into targeting cancerous cells, and for teaching kids science

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The Mobile Scholar

As students and faculty snap up smartphones, U of T aims to make Wi-Fi fast and ubiquitous

Photo by Martin Lipman/SSHRC

Intelligent Fellows

Mellon Foundation grant will bring leading post-doctoral scholars to U of T’s Jackman Humanities Institute

Courtesy of Lorie Shekter-Wolfson

A Woman’s Place

Dorothy Shekter was often told she didn’t belong at university. But she persevered — and did some amazing things as a social worker

Photo by Ken Jones” title=

An Artist’s Legacy

Doris McCarthy’s life’s work finds a permanent home at U of T Scarborough

Going the Extra Mile

Graduating engineering students raise thousands for their faculty

Photo by Erin Vollick” title=

Engineering a Cure

Undergraduate students design their own experiments to address important medical questions

Photo by Lorne Bridgman

A Cut Above

U of T researchers have devised a way to refurbish donor lungs before they’re transplanted

Photo by Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Forestry Archive


A forestry prof believes a local parasite could help protect Ontario’s ash trees from a deadly invader

Illustration by Isabel Foo

Words, by the Numbers

What can a computer reveal about a work of fiction? Plenty, it seems

Photo by Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star

The $100 Artificial Leg

The simple, inexpensive device matches the function of far more costly technology

Courtesy of Doug Richards/Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Faster, Higher, Stronger

You don’t need an Olympic training regimen to get healthy through exercise

Image courtesy of Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Labour Days

Chinese propaganda posters from the 1960s celebrate work as an act of nation-building

Illustration by Office of Gilbert Li

Computer Says No

The challenge to improve online dating

Photo by Derek Shapton

Clear and Present Danger

ABC correspondent Muhammad Lila reports from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Courtesy of Ran Goel

Urban Farmer

Ran Goel is leading an agricultural revolution

Photo by Julian Bauld

Parenting 101

In Katrina Onstad’s new novel, a couple gets a crash course in raising a child

Photo by Mat Dunlap

From Stage to Screen

Measha Brueggergosman hits gold with a new album, a TV show and an opera

Courtesy of Mehreen Hasan Rashid

Mehreen and Arsalan Rashid

The heart wants what the heart wants, but Mehreen and Arsalan offer a lesson in the virtues of patience

Photo by Henry Feather

Peaceful Pursuits

Jothi Shanmugam is devoted to bringing together communities for change

Courtesy of Charlotte Gill

Forest Warrior

Charlotte Gill reminisces about life as a professional tree planter

Courtesy of Murray Foster

60 Seconds with Murray Foster

A Cocksure Lad

Courtesy of U of T archives

Medical Pioneer

Dr. Vera Peters saved lives with her treatments for breast cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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