Starting Up

They’re tech-savvy, creative and driven. Meet five young grads who have created their own unique careers

Dream Job

Cybill Lui worked for years on Wall Street, then followed her heart into the high-risk world of film production

Taking on Goliath

A Toronto startup is using technology to reinvent how homes are bought and sold

Backpacking with a Purpose

David Berkal wants to change the way people think about tourism

Beauty in Numbers

Nadia Amoroso helps clients interpret complex data quickly and present it memorably

Uncovering Fraud

Computer science grad Stephen Piron is helping banks stay on the right side of regulators

Taking Care

Mary Jo Haddad came to Sick Kids to look after ill children. As CEO, she helped nurse the whole hospital back to good health


Winner of the 2013 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

A Missing Child

Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers weigh in on roommates, climate change and mental health

President's Message

Online and In Person

Digital synergy for higher education

Supporting African Scholars

A $22.5-million donation from MasterCard Foundation will bring bright young students to U of T

Blasts from the Past

Fascinating characters populate a new history of the Faculty of Arts and Science at U of T

A Grateful Mindset

MindFest promotes mental health awareness through crafts

A Club for Women

Canada’s first university women’s club sought to improve the lives of women and children

Into the Wild

U of T partners with the Jane Goodall Institute to send students to Uganda to study endangered wildlife

Search and Discovery

If you think Google has made doing scholarly research a cinch, U of T’s chief librarian Larry Alford has news for you

History’s Turning Points

A major gift to Trinity College will help bring recent events into sharper focus for students

Global Leaders

Prestigious new award from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation will enable PhD students to conduct research abroad

In Memoriam: Michael Hough

The founder of landscape architecture at the University of Toronto was an eco-pioneer

In Memoriam: Robert Madden

Robert Madden believed that teaching was the art of sharing knowledge

Housing First

It turns out that a good way to help homeless people is to actually give them a home

Making Traffic Smarter

An intelligent transportation system could reduce wait times at traffic lights in Toronto by more than half

Lighting a Revolution

Three grads have developed an LED that uses a fraction of the electricity of other light bulbs

The Tiny Perfect Keyboard

As devices get smaller, a U of T company has created a keyboard that makes typing easier while using less screen space

The Unsure Thing

The conditions for entrepreneurs in Canada are good, says Rotman professor Will Mitchell. It’s our attitude that needs work

Naturally Cool

An experimental green roof is built atop the Daniels Faculty

The Glutamate Riddle

Grad student Christina Nona seeks to unlock the role of an important brain chemical in Alzheimer’s and addiction

Renaissance Man

Dominic Man-Kit Lam’s World Eye Organization has improved countless lives. He’s also a successful artist. Next on his list: edible vaccines

Stress Buster

How personal changes led Bailey Vaez to promote wellness at work

Bon Appetit, Paris

A food truck in a world culinary capital? With great fare, Jordan Feilders proves it’s possible

Perfect Harmony

For Brian Finley and Donna Bennett, it was a match made in music.

Global Citizen

Remi Kanji transforms her sense of global citizenship into action

Test Tube Burgers

If you want to help save animals and the environment, grow meat in a lab, says Isha Datar

Comic Book Hero

Peter Birkemoe went from engineering to running a comic book store

Ontario’s First Female Architect

After convocating, Esther Marjorie Hill went on to design rooms of her own

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