Summer 2016
Keen Tweets

Twitter postings from some of the platform’s biggest influencers

No wonder the Twitter bird is blue! Some of the platform’s biggest influencers are U of T alumni and professors.

Margaret Atwood
@MargaretAtwood (1.2 million followers)
A leading light of Canadian letters, Atwood (BA 1961 Victoria) tweets about the natural world – mostly the need to protect it – and the world of books.

Malcolm Gladwell
@Gladwell (365,000 followers)
You could probably spend much of your free time reading the articles that Gladwell (BA 1984 Trinity) recommends or the ones he writes for the New Yorker, about which he tweets tantalizing behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Naomi Klein
@NaomiAKlein (329,000 followers)
Klein, a former editor of the Varsity and the author of No Logo, promotes her activist work and the causes she believes in.

Shawn Ahmed
@uncultured (242,000 followers)
Ahmed (BA 2005 Trinity) founded the Uncultured Project to foster development in poor communities in his parents’ native Bangladesh. He tweets about this effort and issues that are close to him, such as being Muslim and gay.

Richard Florida
@Richard_Florida (186,000 followers)
Insightful commentary from the Rotman School of Management prof on all things related to the “creative class” and the social and economic geography of cities, with a sprinkling of American politics thrown in.

Craig Kielburger
@craigkielburger (135,000 followers)
Kielburger (BA 2006 Trinity) promotes the activities of his charitable organization Me to We. Celebrity-watchers will appreciate that he’s often photographed with famous people.

Lyse Doucet
@bbclysedoucet (113,000 followers)
Doucet (MA 1982), the BBC’s chief international correspondent, amplifies news coming out of the Middle East and provides some personal context.

John Tory
@JohnTory (107,000 followers)
Toronto mayor Tory (BA 1975 Trinity) is clearly a big supporter of the city’s professional sports teams. He also shares news from City Hall on everything from raccoon-proof green bins to transit to innovation.

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