Sleuthing Toronto’s Odd History

How a history degree led Cameron to a job designing scavenger hunts in downtown Toronto

courtesy of Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

Looking for Bears in High Park

In her new novel, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer reimagines a strange episode from Ontario’s past

Faces of ’14: Graduation!

What happens after life at U of T?

A Fine Set of Pipes

Being hired as the first female organist at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England was music to Rachel Mahon’s ears.

The Big Tasty

How Zella Palmer Cuadra’s MA project became a cookbook


Claire Battershill’s new short story collection, Circus, explores the extraordinary

Buzzing about Bees

What’s the buzz around urban beekeeping? Gurushabd Khalsa tells all

Calm Before the Chaos

Yannick How Wong catches a glimpse of peaceful front campus before U of T’s annual chariot race

Get Better, Sooner

Seamless Mobile Health aims to reduce hospital readmissions following surgery and save millions in medical costs


While on a mission to save the Borneo rainforest, Emily Hunter realized environmentalism needs a rethink

Fish Market

Emily Paskevics writes about a vivid encounter at the market in Sonsonate, El Salvador

Of Mules and Men

Laura Clarke’s poetry wins her the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award

Activism 2.0

What’s different about today’s environmental activists? Tools of the trade, says Emily Hunter, and a sense that change must happen now

Backpacking with a Purpose

David Berkal wants to change the way people think about tourism

The Tiny Perfect Keyboard

As devices get smaller, a U of T company has created a keyboard that makes typing easier while using less screen space

Test Tube Burgers

If you want to help save animals and the environment, grow meat in a lab, says Isha Datar

Pipe Dreams

Sarah Svendsen and Rachel Mahon are proving that organ music isn’t just for Dracula lovers

Cupcake Maestro

Tania Grafstein-Ho’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of desserts motivated her to start an artisanal baking business


Finalist in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

The Kite Runner

Tarik Kadri gives hope to orphans in India

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