The Value of a University

How much do U of T alumni contribute to Toronto, Canada and the world?

Seeking Refuge

What can be done about the global migrant crisis?

Crazy Talk

Can we restore sanity and reason to politics?

Travel Upgrade

For many Torontonians, the daily commute is a spirit-crusher. What if it could enrich your life instead?

Labour Troubles

Canada’s temporary foreign workers program needs a rethink, says immigration expert Jeffrey Reitz

The Meaning of Mandela

A South African reflects on the life and legacy of a human rights champion

Whose Values?

Does the proposed Quebec Charter guarantee a secular society, or more votes for the Parti Québécois?

Eyes Everywhere

Recent revelations about governments spying on their citizens should have us all concerned about abuse of power

The Unsure Thing

The conditions for entrepreneurs in Canada are good, says Rotman professor Will Mitchell. It’s our attitude that needs work

Patent Wars

Intellectual property rights are intended to foster innovation. But could they actually be stifling it?

Tossing a Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has finally produced its last penny. Is it time to get rid of the nickel, too?

Clash of the Britons

Was the War of 1812 actually a civil war?

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Faster, Higher, Stronger

You don’t need an Olympic training regimen to get healthy through exercise

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Politics and the One Per Cent

What effect will unlimited corporate spending have on the U.S. election?

Lakeside Views

Lakeside Views

What principles should guide how a city develops its waterfront?

Europe’s Debt Troubles

With the markets betting on a Greek default, and the situation in Spain deteriorating, a second global financial crisis looms

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Arab Spring

Will the uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East usher in lasting change?

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The End of Moore’s Law?

For almost half a century, computer chips have doubled in power every 18 months. But this may not hold true for much longer, says Eugene Fiume


Preventing Concussions

Dr. Charles Tator is trying to promote awareness of the dangers posed by even mild head injuries.

Photo: Tannen Maury/EPA/Corbis

Averting Disaster

BP oil spill could have been avoided if the company had used the “precautionary principle,” says prof

Addicted to Love

The American Psychiatric Association is considering whether “hypersexual disorder” should be included in its next guide to mental illness

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The Vitamin D Crisis

Dark-skinned Canadians may face higher risk of disease due to vitamin D deficiency, doctor warns

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Genes and Politics

Do our genes influence whom we vote for or whether we vote? They can, says politics prof Peter Loewen

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Africentric Schools

Professor George Dei says parents of black children have been concerned for 30 years that the Toronto school system is not serving their children. “It was time to try a new approach.”

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Care for the Aged

Canada faces a shortage of geriatricians for a rapidly greying population, says Dr. Barry Goldlist

The D-Word

Q&A with Walid Hejazi, professor of business economics and international competitiveness at the Rotman School of Management.

Environmental Toxins

Q&A with Miriam Diamond, co-chair of Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Scientific Expert Panel

The Credit Crisis

Q&A with Rotman School of Management finance professor, Alan White

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