She Walks in Beauty

Astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg not only researched the stars, but explained them in a heavenly manner to students and the public

Cosmic Twins

Mercedes Richards unpacks an astronomical mystery

Illustration by Simon Pemberton

Planet Hunters

With the discovery of hundreds of worlds around other stars, will we find that Earth is not alone in bearing life?

Strange New Worlds

A few intriguing oddities from the hunt for exoplanets

Photo Courtesy of NASA,

Life on Mars?

Scientists are trying to determine if methane in the Martian atmosphere came from living organisms

Planetary Mysteries

Discoveries of new planets outside our solar system are forcing astronomers to rethink theories of how planets form

We Are Star Stuff

A large asteroid could destroy all life on earth. But a “rain” of extraterrestrial debris long ago may have led to the conditions that started it, says a U of T geologist

Oceans on Mars

Ridges on the red planet might have been shorelines

What Is a Planet?

Recent discoveries force astronomers to rethink long-held definition

Goddess on the Move

Astronomy buffs watch the Transit of Venus

Shedding Light on Dark Matter

Scientists find that galaxies are surrounded by huge halos of dark matter

Heavens Above

The Stewart Observatory has always inspired lofty dreams

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