Carbon Busters

How can Toronto reduce its greenhouse gas emissions? Munk School students propose the ways

Could Carbon Dioxide Be the Solution to Climate Change?

Greenhouse gas could be harvested from the atmosphere and recycled into renewable fuel, says researcher

Cooling Off

Will the Paris climate accord succeed where Kyoto didn’t?

It’s Time for Ontario to Get Out of Nuclear Power

Investing any more in nuclear power would be a mistake, argues Jeff Rubin, when Quebec can supply all the electricity Ontario needs, with virtually no carbon emissions

The World’s Worst Greenhouse Gas

Widely used industrial chemical has 7,100 times the potential climate impact of carbon dioxide

Arctic Sea Ice in Century-Long Decline

U of T scientist uses long-lived algae to track annual changes in northern climate back to 1300s

Photo Courtesy of MaRS Discovery District

Green Gadfly

Tom Rand has opened what he calls North America’s most environmentally friendly hotel

Climate Detectives

A northern lake may offer clues about the future of global warming

Smoke and Mirrors

So far, Canada has taken no real action on climate change. It’s time to get serious about Kyoto

Is Global Warming Immoral?

Religious groups are seeking to influence the debate over climate change

The Iceberg Cometh

Ocean tides dislodged huge Arctic icebergs, contributing to climate cooling thousands of years ago

Green Roofs Are Cool

Rooftop vegetation helps maintain cooler interior temperatures

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