Northern Exposure

A U of T prof aims to better understand the needs of cancer patients in Nunavut

Our Problem With Stuff

What is driving North America’s obsession with hoarding?

Saying “Oui” to Inclusivity

Social justice champ Emilie Nicolas honoured

A+ in Selfies

A UTSC anthropology assignment gives students a new view of the selfie

The North’s Vanishing Past

Max Friesen is racing against time to preserve the cultural history of Canada’s western arctic people

The Art of Activism

Naisargi Dave investigates what inspires someone to take up a cause

Arms and the Prehistoric Man

Discovery suggests human ancestors began hunting with stone-tipped spears far earlier than previously thought

Photo: Getty Images, Stephen Trussler

The Lives of Animals

Most animals raised for food in Canada live on industrial sites where they never go outdoors. Under our laws, this is perfectly legal, but is it ethical?

The Shapes of Bones

New technique using X-rays could help forensic scientists identify the dead

The Social Historian

Professor Natalie Zemon Davis gives new life to history’s outsiders

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Decoding the meaning of physical gestures and things

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