Student Chefs Do Battle

Tasty appetizer earns U of T second place in international cooking competition

Spoiled Rotten

A familiar problem in the West, food waste is quickly becoming a global issue

Tower Trouble

In India, urban renewal schemes and corruption have created a violent economy around the demolition of apartment buildings

Sky Line

Gondolas for the lakeshore: U of T students share their award-winning transit vision

Markets Without Borders?

Deborah Cowen investigates what happens when governments sacrifice the rights of their citizens to protect the flow of goods across national lines

Juan Batet/iStockPhoto

Property Value

Toronto’s land-use maps are important planning tools but they lack detail and are often out-of-date. Not for much longer

Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Escaping Gridlock

What’s the solution to Toronto’s traffic problems?

Lakeside Views

Lakeside Views

What principles should guide how a city develops its waterfront?

Illustration by Hennie Haworth

What Toronto Needs

A real transit strategy, a solution to its financial troubles, better urban design – and mayoral candidates willing to discuss these things

Photo by Cavan Images/Getty Images

The Ideal Distance from Farm to Fork

Local food isn’t always environmentally the best, says geography prof Pierre Desrochers

Climate Detectives

A northern lake may offer clues about the future of global warming

Gimme Shelter

Students propose a new use for abandoned buildings

Environmental Scientist of the Year

Geography prof Miriam Diamond wins Canadian Geographic award

Outdoor Sweatshops

U of T geography professor Ken MacDonald is challenging unfair labour practices on the slopes of the Karakoram Mountains

City of Ideas

Imagining Toronto’s future

Yogendra Shakya

Filmmaker and musician is trying to bring his birth country, Nepal, and Canada closer together

Urban Grime Rate

Study finds hazardous pollutants

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