Data Minding

A mathematician offers ideas on how to protect ourselves from hackers without making our digital devices impossibly complex to use

Fighting Math Anxiety

U of T’s Math Outreach instructors are changing hearts and minds about an often-feared subject

An “A” for Teamwork

You’ve heard of crowdfunding. With crowdmarking, a U of T prof hopes to change how students are evaluated

Photo by Nadia Siu Van

A Puzzling Creation

Ed Barbeau uses math puzzles to encourage analytical and innovative thinking

Proof of Genius

Proof of Genius

Only the very best math students excel in the prestigious Putnam competition

King of Infinite Space

Donald Coxeter, who taught geometry at U of T for more than 60 years, is the subject of a new book

Games of Chance

Math prof and amateur comic Jeffrey Rosenthal embraces randomness – both on stage and in class

What Are the Odds of That?

In his new book, math prof Jeffrey Rosenthal gives us the tools to assess life’s chances

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