Returning to Africa

U of T MasterCard Foundation scholar Sylvia Mwangi hopes to improve health care in Kenya

Stay Attentive, Drive Better

A U of T prof is using a simulator to test how to keep drivers off their smartphones — and focused on the road

A Robot That Helps Make Babies

Micro device developed at U of T could dramatically boost IVF’s effectiveness


Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

Pictures from Above

Remote-controlled drone makes aerial cinematography much faster and cheaper

Meet Brian, the Social Robot

Advances in technology are bringing us robots that can interact naturally with humans

Braking News!

New kind of tail lights could reduce vehicle accidents

Building a Better Heart

Milligan gift will fund graduate fellowships in biomedical engineering

The Next Internet

Behind the scenes, U of T researchers are finding ways to build a Net that’s not only more powerful, but a lot more human

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