Among Syrian Refugees, a Need for Insulin and Heart Meds

As the media share images of wounded migrants, some of the biggest medical threats go almost unmentioned

What Canada Got Right

An acceptance of diversity may be the country’s defining strength

Making the World Unsafe Again?

Donald Trump’s presidency is raising the risk of violent conflict among the world’s great powers

Investigating Media Bias

Visible minority political candidates get short shrift from newspapers, study finds

Puppets and Politics

In the fight against environmental degradation, a photo is worth a thousand words

Seeking Refuge

What can be done about the global migrant crisis?

On Shaky Ground

How should we evaluate the risks and benefits of fracking?

Pie a Prof

In vying to escape a sticky situation, six political science profs raise $13,700 for child refugees in Jordan

In Memoriam: Richard Simeon

A talent for building bridges made Simeon a sought-after advisor on federalism

The Meaning of Mandela

A South African reflects on the life and legacy of a human rights champion

The Price of War

International aid fuels corruption in a conflict zone and may keep war going, says political science professor Aisha Ahmad

Whose Values?

Does the proposed Quebec Charter guarantee a secular society, or more votes for the Parti Québécois?

Asia Rising

As global power shifts to Asia, Canada’s success will depend on seeing more than just business opportunities in the region, says Joseph Wong

Toronto’s Waterfront Conundrum

Why can’t Toronto’s waterfront emulate Chicago’s? Land ownership, says political science student Gabriel Eidelman

Political Insider

Political Insider

At Massey College, Michael Ignatieff teaches students about the hard realities of Parliament Hill

Illustration by Paul Blow

True North

What does Canada stand for now? Have we lost our international reputation as a nature-loving, peacekeeping haven for newcomers?

Illustration by Hennie Haworth

What Toronto Needs

A real transit strategy, a solution to its financial troubles, better urban design – and mayoral candidates willing to discuss these things

(Photo by Chealion on

Genes and Politics

Do our genes influence whom we vote for or whether we vote? They can, says politics prof Peter Loewen

Shoot the Messenger!

Canadian politics has never been cleaner, but the media would have you think otherwise

Robert Nichols

Exploring the political implications of disappearing indigenous languages

Reform School?

Preston Manning will deliver guest lectures in political science and Canadian Studies

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