In Memoriam: Paula Goering

This U of T alum and prof helped people grappling with mental illness and homelessness

U of T’s World Wide Web

The university’s scholars are collaborating with partners in every region of the globe to answer questions that challenge us all

Housing First

It turns out that a good way to help homeless people is to actually give them a home

Moustache Maven

Professor Allan Peterkin is the world’s leading facial-hair expert

Peace of Mind

A U of T project aims to bring better mental health to a country where most illnesses go untreated

Illustration by Daniel Stolle

Ingenious Medicine

Genetic testing may soon reveal what pharmaceutical drugs work best for you, with fewest side-effects

Personalized Medication

Genetic testing may reveal what pharmaceutical drugs work best for you, with the fewest side effects

Mind Games

Doctors have been trying for decades to classify mental illnesses. So why do precise definitions still elude us?

Easing Depression

Studies find that electrical stimulation to one side of the brain helps improve depression

Meditate Your Troubles Away

Mindfulness alters brain activity and improves mood, researchers find

What You Eat Says about You

People who eat “good” foods are perceived as more trustworthy, study finds

Can a Brain Change?

Dr. Norman Doidge argues that the brain is far more malleable than previously thought

A Meditative State of Mind

What are people really doing when they’re meditating?

The Chronic Struggle with Anorexia Nervosa

Patients have high risk of relapse up to two-years after treatment, study finds

What a Drag It Is Getting Old

Self-esteem can fall with age, study finds

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