After the Shooting, a Search for Salvation

U of T sociology professor Jooyoung Lee spent time with 40 people who had been shot to record how their lives had changed. Their stories are harrowing and instructive. This is just one

What Does an Ethnographer Do?

The goal is to get “an intimate and authentic representation of the person’s life,” says U of T prof Jooyoung Lee

When Getting a Job Is Mission Impossible

Laws to end workplace discrimination against people with disabilities have mostly failed to boost employment. Sociologist David Pettinicchio wants to know why

Black and Blue

How do we restore trust between minority communities and police?

The Inner Lives of Gang Members

Professor Randol Contreras spends time with the Maravilla in Los Angeles

Rap Dreams

Where gangs rule, hip hop is a strongly positive force for youth, study finds

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Locked Away

Is solitary confinement ever appropriate?

Caring for the Elderly

Women often look after their older relatives – for no pay. As populations age, this may have to change

Illustration by Emily Tu

Setting the Scene

Professor Dan Silver comes up with a new way of looking at cities

Balance? What Balance?

Finding harmony between professional and personal life proves elusive for many, study finds


Exit Strategy

This fall, the City of Toronto will test a U of T program that offers youths alternatives to gang life

All the Young Dudes

Toronto’s gay community favours young, fit, Caucasian men.

Cause Celeb

Do Hollywood stars change the public’s perception of issues?

Sociology Alumni Unite

Sociology launches their Alumni Association at Spring Reunion

Home Alone

People are socializing less with family and friends at home, study finds

Teens Silent on Crime

Young people won’t talk about being victims of crime for fear of being labeled a “snitch,” study finds

Wasting Talent

Canadian employers and immigrants would both benefit from better “mutual orientation,” study finds

Cages of Contradiction

Women’s prisons fail to offer resources for those with addictions or in abusive relationships, study finds

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