A Revolution in Artificial Intelligence

Toronto’s Vector Institute aims to attract the world’s leading minds in a booming field

U of T Gains Global Edge

Applications from several countries soar as international students rethink where to attend university

Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Mystery of Genetic Disease?

Prof. Brendan Frey and his team are harnessing machine learning to figure out what makes us sick

Safe Passage

A student’s innovative rail car design would greatly reduce chances of an explosion

Photo: Courtesy of ChipCare

Handheld Lab

U of T startup ChipCare gets set to unveil a revolutionary portable HIV blood-testing device

The Dark Corners of Our DNA

A “deep-learning” algorithm shines a light on mutations in once-obscure areas of the genome

Detecting the DTs

New app helps physicians diagnose alcohol withdrawal – and can tell when someone is faking it

Idea Bank: Open Late

Next Einstein runner-up Deep Prasad shares tips for coming up with winning ideas

Speed of Light

Joyce Poon is developing optical devices that could make computers vastly more powerful and a whole lot faster

Ode to Joy

Master’s student Eric Wan helped develop software that allows anyone, including people with severe physical disabilities, to make music

Photo by James Berger

All Clear

Surveillance and surgery could both get a boost from a new kind of video camera that can focus on near and distant objects at the same time

(Illustration by Marco Cibola)

The Ads Have Eyes

Software uses tiny cameras to track who’s watching digital ad displays

Digital Nip/Tuck

Software simulates plastic surgery

Of Mice and Men

U of T team finds that few protein-coding genes remain to be discovered, but a single gene can spawn thousands of different proteins

Foiled Again

Prof develops quantum cryptography method that could improve Internet security

Little Wonders

Technology’s next big thing may be very, very small

The Sound of Silence

New technology for cellphones filters out background noise

“Shocking” Research May Help Protect Technology

CN Tower helps scientists study effect of lightning on tall structures and how to safeguard electronic equipment

Sound Directions

New electronic devices that use sound navigation

Grand Openings

U of T opens two new buildings for students and researchers

Stay Tuned

The spirit of Edward S. Rogers Sr. is energizing a new wave in communications

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