U of T’s Ambitious Green Strategy

By reducing energy use in its new campus buildings, U of T is helping the city meet its own ambitious climate-change goals

An Army of Tree Lovers

U of T’s Faculty of Forestry is teaching Torontonians how to care for one of the city’s most valuable resources – its trees

Carbon Busters

How can Toronto reduce its greenhouse gas emissions? Munk School students propose the ways

Toward a Greener Future

U of T is an international leader in climate change research and teaching

Double Value in Being Green

Energy savings on all three campuses are good for the climate, but also leave more money for academic programs

Waste Not, Want Not

Andrew White’s company not only cleans bio-gas, but also produces fertilizer

Testing the Waters

U of T offers undergrads the chance to try being entrepreneurs – without any of the risk

Courtesy of Charlotte Gill

Forest Warrior

Charlotte Gill reminisces about life as a professional tree planter

Photo Courtesy of MaRS Discovery District

Green Gadfly

Tom Rand has opened what he calls North America’s most environmentally friendly hotel

Photo by 416style at Flickr.com

The Living City

Engineers are using the idea of “urban metabolism” to design more sustainable neighbourhoods

Illustration by Brett Ryder

The Next Big Idea

Ten concepts that could shape the future: from digital credentials to safer drugs to DNA-tailored diets and more

Blue & White & Green All Over

Solar panels at the Athletic Centre, composting in residence, farming on St. George. What next? A back campus wind turbine?

Tasty, Affordable – and Sustainable

Hot Yam serves up the greenest lunch on campus


Residence program seeks to change how students think about energy use and conservation

U of T President David Naylor

Our Green Future

U of T is rising to the global sustainability challenge

Water Pressure

Canadians feel no urgency to conserve water, but they should, says architecture prof

Photo by MANFROMSUN on flickr.com

Smarter Buildings

A U of T computer scientist is developing a program to help predict – and ultimately reduce – buildings’ energy use

Mealtime Patriotism

Writer Sarah Elton argues in favour of local eating

Gearing Up for Copenhagen

Will student protests make a difference at the UN’s climate conference in Copenhagen?

Ditching the Paper Cup

As Toronto considers a ban on take-away cups, a Victoria College café is forging ahead on its own

Smoke and Mirrors

So far, Canada has taken no real action on climate change. It’s time to get serious about Kyoto

Is Global Warming Immoral?

Religious groups are seeking to influence the debate over climate change

Living off the Grid

Every day is Earth Day in the Ketchum’s custom-built sustainable home

Home Cheap Home

Pay more for energy efficiency up front, save more in the long term, says prof

A Cleaner Future

Just how close are we?

U of T Aims to Meet Kyoto Targets

Sustainability Office will spearhead greenhouse gas reduction plan

The Evolution of an Idea

Reinventing the automobile

Taking Stock

Creating a greener U of T Magazine

Breathing Underwater

Joe MacInnis has spent his life exploring the world’s oceans. Now he wants to save them

Greener Roofs

Cement terrace at family-housing residence becomes rooftop oasis

Green Roofs Are Cool

Rooftop vegetation helps maintain cooler interior temperatures

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