The Geography of Pollution

A PhD candidate’s low-cost sensors could be deployed across cities to gather highly local air-quality data

Is Air Quality Affecting Your Health?

A U of T prof is looking at the relationship between traffic emissions, health and how close people live to major roads

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Roadside Harvest

Toxic elements in most city-grown vegetables are at acceptable levels, according to a new study. But be careful of the eggplant!

Tainted Air

We pull bad food from the shelves as soon as possible, so why aren’t we more concerned about poor air quality?

Environmental Toxins

Q&A with Miriam Diamond, co-chair of Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Scientific Expert Panel

Something in the Air

An international research team has found traces of phosgene in the atmosphere

A Bad Wrap

Food packaging is a potential source of chemicals in the bloodstream

Bismuth Bullets

Researchers concerned lead alternative may be entering the food chain

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