A Legacy of Mentorship

U of T creates memorial scholarship and chair in honour of alumnus Geoff Taber, who died tragically in a fire in 2016

Hungry for Failure

Defeat might taste like sawdust drizzled with WD-40, but novelist Andrew Pyper has developed a taste for it

“Take Your Best Shot!” 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Dozens of superb entries from around the world, few easy decisions for the judges

“The Stars Are Aligning for Our Nation”

Margaret Froh is the first woman to lead the Métis Nation of Ontario

Lawyer for the Public Interest

Renatta Austin wanted to help kids in trouble at school. To do so, she’s redefining how a law practice can work

Everyone’s Campus Home

New warden John Monahan on the allure of Hart House

Chair for Investor Rights Seeks Better Protections for Canadians

A gift from the Honourable Hal Jackman establishes the J.R. Kimber Chair at the Faculty of Law

Children of Earth and Sky

Guy Gavriel Kay’s latest novel takes place during the European Renaissance

Against Their Will

Being forced into marriage is an all-too-real nightmare for some Canadians

Champion for Human Rights

Renu Mandhane will shape the province as Ontario’s newest Human Rights Commissioner

Letters to the Editor

Rankings overload, debating the use of fur in clothing and the pros and cons of fracking

21st-Century Law

A U of T grad is helping Ontario courts join the digital age

A Bright Light

Dorrian Porter builds a monument to visionary Nikola Tesla in Silicon Valley

The Softness of Bodies

After a flood, a woman is haunted by the hundreds of fish stuck in her fence

History’s Turning Points

A major gift to Trinity College will help bring recent events into sharper focus for students

A Do-It-Yourself Legal Kit?

Monica Goyal’s company helps people avoid hefty lawyer’s fees

Power Walker

How lawyer Randy Pepper discovered that walking 100 km in 48 hours is a powerful way to raise funds.

Courtesy of Ran Goel

Urban Farmer

Ran Goel is leading an agricultural revolution

Photo by Blair Gable Photography

Holding Court

Last fall, two U of T grads were appointed to the nation’s highest court

Online Media Maven

Online Media Maven

Rachel Sklar is a champion for women in the media and tech fields – and she makes a lot of people’s “lists”

Photo by Sandy Nicholson

The Watchman

Human rights researcher Samer Muscati helps Iraqis find justice in a nation beginning to rebuild

Photo: Courtesy of Christine Kung’u

Women’s Advocate

Christine Kung’u fights for the rights of abused women in her native Kenya

Photo Courtesy of McClelland & Stewart

In the Name of the Daughter

In her literary debut, lawyer Emma Ruby-Sachs wonders about the personal costs of activism

Kristen Courtney

Breaking the Cycle

The City of Toronto is not doing enough to make the streets safe for cyclists

Melissa Kluger

Melissa Kluger

“The award motivated me to dream up new ideas and take risks”

The Bicycle Messenger

Métis law student Joshua Sutherland has something to say to native youth

Death Becomes Him

Novelist Andrew Pyper goes in for the kill

Raising the Bar

Law grad Cathy Spoel provides a boost for track and field

The House That Dave Built

How law grad David Shore took one misanthropic doctor, added a large dose of twisted humour and created the hit medical drama House

So You Want to Write for Pictures?

From movies to TV and comedy to animation, here is a small sampling of U of T alumni who wrote their way to success south of the border

Behind Enemy Lines

U of T grads John Kenneth Macalister and Frank Pickersgill trained as spies during the Second World War. An unlucky break brought their lives to a tragic end

Jonathan Anschell

As general counsel for CBS Television, he rubs shoulders with a lot of celebrities. But one meeting in particular stands out

Father Figure

Bryan Friedman’s award-winning documentary charts his dad’s quest for bodybuilding supremacy


U of T Faculty of Law salutes its female grads

Just “Rosie”

How does Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella find time to be an author and pianist and a judge? “Every day is a gift,” she says. “I do what I can to make the most of it”

Law Grad Wins Emmy

David Shore honoured for medical drama House

A Room of Her Own

Law faculty will name a room after Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella

A Man with a Plan

Urban designer Robert Freedman wants to beautify Toronto

Miller Rising

Mayor plans to work with U of T on the shared goal of revitalizing Toronto

Coming Home

How U of T grads are making a difference – where their help is needed most

The Family Business

Law grad Jean Teillet continues the fight of great-granduncle Louis Riel – in the courtroom

Michael Ignatieff & Bob Rae

Friends vied for the campus spotlight as student activists in the 1960s

Big on Business

Paul Giannaris, Dionne England, Eira Thomas, Natalie Townsend and Leonard Asper

In Their Own Write

Kenneth Oppel, Andrew Pyper, Lynn Crosbie, Cristina Kuok, David Layton and Tim Long

Good Eggs

Maliha Chishti, Bhante Saranapala, Jim O’Mara, Lesra Martin, Bindu Dhaliwal and Duff Conacher

Of Murder and Magic

The inspiration for the fanciful novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Caroline Roe sprang from the U of T campus

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