Make No Mistake

Can a group of Toronto hospitals eliminate medical errors?

A New Life After Loss

Over more than two decades, Rena Arshinoff built a successful career in medical science. Then she felt a spiritual call

Women Are in the House!

A unique U of T program that takes 100 female students to Parliament Hill aims to encourage more women to enter politics

The City is Her Patient

Eileen de Villa targets opioids and homelessness as Toronto’s new medical officer of health

Happy Feet

Mallory and Jade Ryan are helping children – including those with special needs – experience the joy of dance

So You Want to Build a Startup?

10 tips from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs

Cloud Nine

A kiss, an iconic sculpture, a moment captured

Life and Death in an Addis Ababa ER

Dr. James Maskalyk describes a day in an emergency room in Ethiopia

Pop-up Bike Lanes and Other Bright Ideas

How Robin Mazumder is helping to build better cities

Shelley Gautier Photo by Eric Thibault Canadian Paralympic Committee

Champion for Sport

Paracyclist Shelley Gautier competes for everyone with a disability

John Evans Was a Champion of Innovative Medical Education

U of T’s ninth president truly changed the world

A Tribute to Former U of T President John Evans

“We have lost a great and passionate Canadian who believed this country had much to offer a troubled world”

Doctor of Courage

Rejected by American universities, Alexander T. Augusta completed his medical degree at Trinity Medical College then used his skills to fight for civil rights in his homeland

Changed by War: Letter from the Front

The day after his right forearm was “slightly wounded,” Captain Frederick Banting used his uninjured left hand to pen a wobbly note home

Changed by War: Forgotten Warriors – Animals at War

Millions of animals served on both sides of the conflict. Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae developed close bonds with his horse Bonfire and dogs Bonneau and Mike

Changed by War: Objects of Salvation

In the trenches the only criteria for alarm devices were that they be loud and distinctive – but as a bonus, rattles didn’t require use of the lungs

Forensic Engineer

Bob Banks trained as both an engineer and a doctor… and now he investigates plane, car, and even space crashes in order to prevent future accidents

New Sculpture Honours Norman Bethune’s Legacy

The U of T-educated doctor had a huge impact on health

60 Seconds With Yoni Freedhoff

This doc prescribes chocolate

Get Better, Sooner

Seamless Mobile Health aims to reduce hospital readmissions following surgery and save millions in medical costs

Taking Care

Mary Jo Haddad came to Sick Kids to look after ill children. As CEO, she helped nurse the whole hospital back to good health

Stem Cell Pioneers

Stem Cell Pioneers

Discovery by James Till and Ernest McCulloch stands as “one of the most remarkable medical-research achievements of the 20th century”

War and Peace

In her new book, Damned Nations, Samantha Nutt reflects on foreign aid and armed conflicts abroad

A Canadian Doctor in Chicago

Educated at U of T, Dr. Martha Gulati sings the praises of universal health coverage to a sometimes skeptical audience

(Christos Kalohoridis/Courtesy of Shaftesbury Films)

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

Giller Prize winning book adapted for TV series

Andrew Pinto, photo by Amna Iqbal

Dr. Andrew Pinto

“Life outside the classroom is vital to one’s education”

Rahim Hirji

Dr. Rahim Hirji

“I dream of writing a book on leadership and self-improvement, and traveling the world as a motivational speaker”

Geoff Ibbotson

Dr. Geoff Ibbotson

“This is what leadership means to me – serving people”

Witness to War

While visiting Somalia in 1995, doctor and U of T professor Samantha Nutt experienced the hardship and rawness of bloodshed. Now, the founder of War Child Canada says she’s “driven every day” to help children harmed by conflict

Vincent Lam

Prize-winning author captures extremes in human behaviour

Kellie Leitch

Orthopedic surgeon is the federal government’s advisor on healthy children and youth

Living off the Grid

Every day is Earth Day in the Ketchum’s custom-built sustainable home

Breathing Underwater

Joe MacInnis has spent his life exploring the world’s oceans. Now he wants to save them

Vivek Rao

Surgeon buys patients critical time while they wait for a donor heart

What We Learned from SARS

The Canadian health-care system comes under scrutiny

Courage Under Fire

They cared for the ill, calmed a fearful public and put their own lives at risk. Meet some of the U of T professors and alumni who battled SARS

Medicine Men

Two U of T alumni work their magic to keep Toronto’s Jays and Raptors running

Aggressive Humanitarianism

Grads provide medical services in some of the world’s most violent regions with Doctors Without Borders

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