Failing is Part of Innovating

How an early defeat helped U of T alum Tom Jenkins and his company, OpenText, succeed

Hungry for Failure

Defeat might taste like sawdust drizzled with WD-40, but novelist Andrew Pyper has developed a taste for it

Lessons from My Grandfather

The late Sol Littman’s fight against anti-Semitism is a reminder “to not let history repeat itself”

Life and Death in an Addis Ababa ER

Dr. James Maskalyk describes a day in an emergency room in Ethiopia

An Uncomfortable Truth

U of T grad Shawn Ahmed has felt firsthand how religious beliefs can lead to discrimination

On Art and Faith

Artists often understand more about sacrifice than many religious people do, writes Maggie Helwig

A Life in Blogging

Kerry Clare reflects on how her online oeuvre has shaped her journey

Against Their Will

Being forced into marriage is an all-too-real nightmare for some Canadians

Personal Best

A chronic condition doesn’t need to stop you from pushing yourself athletically

A Journey with Marco Polo

Benjamin Olshin’s map research suggests an unexpectedly connected 13th-century world

The Investigative Spirit

How a Munk School fellowship helped a religion major turn journalist

A Conversation with India

Nisha Pahuja’s documentary film about women becomes a force for change

Reverse Succession

When his son fell ill with cancer, Ian Lightstone stepped up to carry on Jeremy’s business vision

Time to Talk

Helen Walsh has an answer to political polarization and crisis: genuine conversation


While on a mission to save the Borneo rainforest, Emily Hunter realized environmentalism needs a rethink

Test Tube Burgers

If you want to help save animals and the environment, grow meat in a lab, says Isha Datar

An Education

In 1940, Joyce Taylor graduated in physiotherapy – and soon set off to war

Nightmare in Nanking

Diana Tso has written a play to draw attention to an atrocity against the Chinese people – and deliver a message of reconciliation

Photo by Diane Aubie

Can Radiohead Be Jazz?

Toronto Jazz Festival’s Josh Grossman wants audiences to open their ears to something new

Courtesy of Charlotte Gill

Forest Warrior

Charlotte Gill reminisces about life as a professional tree planter

Photo by Yoko Nakazawa

A Year in the Quake Zone

John P. Racine reflects on how his life has changed since the earthquake in Japan

The Face on the Plate

Dyniss Roland Rainer dishes on becoming a vegetarian

Photo: Victoria Phipps/Getty Images

At Your Service

After three decades as a reporter, Caitlin Kelly enters the low-wage world of retail

Photo Courtesy of Katie Palmer

Warnings from the Red-Light Districts

Katie Palmer helps protect youth from sex tourists in Southeast Asia

Photo Courtesy of Moriyama and Teshima Architects

The Architecture of a Life

Out of hardship, Raymond Moriyama built the foundation of his career

Where Are the Women?

Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay asks why only one-fifth of Canadian politicians are female

Photo by Dawn Marchand

What a School Can Be

Dr. Alison Kelford finds new meaning for “community” in Maasai Mara, Kenya

(Photo by Frank Cunha)

Prisoners in Tehran

Treatment of political detainees hasn’t changed – but technology offers hope

Kristen Courtney

Breaking the Cycle

The City of Toronto is not doing enough to make the streets safe for cyclists

Photo by Fred Lum

Voice of Silence

Journalist Andrew Mitrovica meets one of In Cold Blood’s reticent Clutter sisters

“This Is a Generational Struggle”

Captain Bruce Rolston wonders how long Afghanistan’s calm facade will remain after peacekeepers leave

Crossed Wires

A lesson in the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication

Will Barack Win?

Trinity grad John Ibbitson writes from the front lines of the most exciting American presidential race in modern history

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