Action for Indigenous People

The university aims to hire more Indigenous faculty and staff, recruit more students

Open Book

The Human Library Project: This U of T grad student shared her story and a painful truth

World’s Easiest Book Club

This Hart House Library literary club is stress-free

Rainbow Connection

U of T was decked out in bright colours in June to celebrate Pride

The Art of the Deal

U of T Art Museum’s Barbara Fischer talks about the merging of two campus galleries – and what it means for visitors

Trans Billionaire Gives to U of T’s Bonham Centre

Jennifer Pritzker’s support will create a new third-year course in trans studies

All the Light We Cannot See

As New York actor Ben Mehl deals with vision loss, he finds brightness amongst the shadows

Some Enchanted Evening

How the Canadian Officer Training Corps Ball brought sparkle to Hart House

Goodbye to Cars!

U of T embarks on a bold plan to restore, renew and beautify the historic St. George campus

6 Places at U of T That Just Might Be Haunted

Spooky stories? Yes. Evidence of ghosts on campus? You be the judge

Lislehurst bridge at U of T Mississauga by Adrian Berg(aoberg) on Flickr

The 10 Best Places at U of T to Steal a Kiss with Your Sweetheart

Woo your Valentine with a romantic vista or a secluded paradise… all without leaving campus!

Ali Saeed – In Memoriam

The ambitious student’s sudden death rocked his wide circle of friends and inspired many to emulate his generosity

Changed by War: Nothing Lacking but the Roar of Battle

While nothing could prepare recruits for the grim realities of trench warfare, the University of Toronto did what it could to equip its student soldiers for what was coming

Game of Kings and Queens

U of T’s chess club – Canada’s oldest – is undergoing a 21st-century revival


Hart House’s choir members only use one instrument: their voices

Enter Stage Left

Jeremy Hutton nudges Hart House Theatre in a new direction

Star Power

Hart House’s notable theatre, film and television personalities

U of T Idol

Second-year student Patrick Simeon is crowned champion of Hart House’s tri-campus singing competition

Photo Courtesy of U of T archives/a1973-0050/002p(01)

Regal Reception

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth enjoy a visit to U of T in May 1939


Send in the Clown

Fiona Griffiths helps students access their inner entertainer at Hart House

Photo by David Farrant (BSc 1994 Victoria)

Monkey Business

Hart House tries out a new receptionist

Stage Presence

Janet Bessey’s gift will help preserve Hart House Theatre’s role on campus

Can a Bank Change (the World)?

Financial institutions that issue “micro-loans” are changing millions of lives in the developing world

Going Up…

Elevator makes Hart House more accessible

Memorial Chair

A great debater is remembered at Hart House

Star Turns

More than actors, playwrights and directors, these artists are architects who helped create Canada’s thriving theatre scene

Places of the Heart

Revisiting fond memories of U of T ultimately leads to these three corners of the campus

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