Sunset Over the Black Sea

U of T doctoral student Ben Ouyang on what he considers his luckiest shot

Regenerating the Body

U of T scientists will help usher in a new era of designing and creating cells, tissues and organs, thanks to historic $114-million federal grant

Engineering a Human Liver

Liver tissue created in a U of T lab could help reduce the time and cost of drug development

A Boon for Heart Health

Largest private donation in Canadian health-care history will improve cardiac care across the lifespan

The Power of Three

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research brings together three of Canada’s leading centres for cardiac care and research

A Life-Saving Innovation

Recent grads win engineering design award for a low-cost medical device that will help keep patients breathing

Dennis Smith Pioneered Biomaterials in Canada

Leading scientist brought together experts from chemistry, medicine and dentistry to advance innovative new field

The Danger of Sitting Still

A new device promises to ease a major health concern for people with mobility problems

One-step device

Second Skin

Machine-made skin being developed at U of T may be safer, faster and cheaper than traditional grafts

Photo by Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star

The $100 Artificial Leg

The simple, inexpensive device matches the function of far more costly technology

Image from iStockphoto

The Big Promise of a Tiny Cell

Stem cell medicine may soon generate new treatments for any condition where cells have been damaged, such as heart disease, diabetes – even blindness

Healing the Heart

Specially engineered tissue patches could help heart attack patients fully recover

Blood Work

Portable device would offer hospitals a quicker way to test patients for infectious diseases

Unbroken Dreams

After years of incremental progress, spinal cord repair is edging closer to reality

Building a Better Heart

Milligan gift will fund graduate fellowships in biomedical engineering

Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims

Innovative treatment helps foster movement in arms and hands

Channelling Nerve Cells

Procedure could help repair spinal cord injuries

Little Wonders

Technology’s next big thing may be very, very small

Bred in the Bone

New development in bone growth may lead to new treatments

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