Do You Want Your Kids to Tell the Truth?

Some children’s stories are much better than others at instilling honesty, research finds

Illustration by Jesse Lenz

Unlocking Our Potential

U of T researchers suggest life’s early years might be even more important than we thought

Dr. Eric Jackman

Opening Doors

Gifts totalling $8 million for the newly named Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study will help position U of T as a global leader in the study of early human development

President David Naylor

Realizing Our Potential

Growing evidence shows the importance of life’s early years

Pinocchio Parenting

Even parents who consider honesty extremely important frequently lie to their kids

Photo by Frances Juriansz

Head of the Class

U of T’s Institute of Child Study has influenced education in Canada for more than 80 years. A visit to the lab school reveals why.

ICS Seeks $12 Million for Expansion

The 83-year-old institute needs new space

When Flattery Rears Its Head

Children as young as four understand that well-placed praise can yield social benefits

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