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Sweet Success

Pharmacy student Christopher Siu wins over MasterChef Canada audience

Team Health

City residents without a health card get care from U of T undergrads


Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

Transforming Health Care

Pharmacists will be crucial to developing a more efficient health-care system in Canada

(Lunch Time Test)

The Lunchtime Cancer Test

BlackBerry-sized device developed at U of T can identify cancer type and severity in 30 minutes

Cancer Killer

Implant infused with drugs can treat ovarian cancer, minus the chemo side effects

A Twist of Fate

Raymond Reilly was looking for a better way to diagnose breast cancer. Instead, he discovered a new way to treat it

Pinpoint Delivery

Professor Christine Allen uses nanotechnology to ensure cancer-fighting drugs get where they need to go

An Esthetic Marvel

The Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building doesn’t open till September, but it’s already turning heads

Mixing Therapies Can Hurt

Natural-health products and may cause adverse reactions with cancer treatments

Natural Reactions

Herbs and other natural remedies can have negative side effects or harmful interactions with drugs

Practice Makes Perfect

State-of-the-art pharmacy lab will include compounding and dispensing facilities

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