Trans Billionaire Gives to U of T’s Bonham Centre

Jennifer Pritzker’s support will create a new third-year course in trans studies

Redefining Gender

These days, talking about sex and gender can involve a lot of specialized terms. Here’s a guide

Partners in Transition

Prof. Elspeth Brown is interviewing partners of trans people as part of a project to record the stories of LGBTQ people


New honorific is for people who don’t want to reveal their gender

Rights under Siege

U of T hosts the World Pride Human Rights Conference to give LGBT activists a voice

Speaking Out

U of T is working on multiple initiatives to combat homophobia in sport

Peer Pressure

A nursing prof is using social networks to help reduce the spread of HIV-AIDS in Ghana

Gay or Straight?

Do some cultures have better “gaydar” than others?

Photo Courtesy of Richard Bingham and Tuan Nguyen

“My Captain, My Matelot”

Tuan Nguyen and Richard Bingham have weathered both fair and rough waters together


Out and Proud

How students, faculty, staff and alumni brought queer activism to the University of Toronto and changed the campus forever

Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images

The March to Equality

40 years of sexual equality rights in North America and around the world


LGBTQ Wants You!

U of T’s LGBTQ alumni are building a stronger community

Nikki Stratigacos

T is for Trans

It’s time to cast off dated notions about masculinity, femininity and “opposite” sexes

U of T Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies

Gay Studies Branches Out

In a single decade, U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program has become one of the largest of its kind in North America

All the Young Dudes

Toronto’s gay community favours young, fit, Caucasian men.

Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies Receives $1 Million

Centre receives its largest donation since the undergraduate program was founded

The Future of Marriage

Institution is being transformed and reinvented, according to Trinity’s dean of women

The Gay Voice

Some men may subconsciously adopt certain female speech patterns