An anti-fascist movement that started in 1930s Europe is making headlines again


The practice of faking a grassroots movement gets an update in the age of social media


The term emerges from African-American vernacular as a call to action, says U of T prof Cassandra Lord

Post-Truth Politics

When lying becomes an acceptable political strategy

Vertical Forest

Can skyscraper condos be turned into lush green spaces?


Companies such as Uber are disrupting entire industries, but this is good for the economy overall, says an economics prof

The 6ix

Toronto’s new nickname popularized by rap star Drake

Lingo: Hyperpalatable

Some foods are engineered to be so tasty they’re difficult to resist, says nutritional scientist Venket Rao


Applies to someone who is not transgender, and is often used to signal awareness of gender politics


The like-attracts-like nature of social media could be bad for democracy


Agriculture scientists have become interested in this potential environmental champion

The Business Unicorn

Companies that attain a $1-billion market valuation before their 10th year are vanishingly rare

Honest Lying

Brain dysfunction can cause us to make false statements that we believe to be true

Hot Tubbing

In the world of law, hot tubbing is a common practice


Adults more likely to behave in socially beneficial ways when prompted


From making golf clubs stronger to designing water repellant garments


Will “Gangnam Style” open the doors for other South Korean artists?


There’s nothing fluffy about this

Cash Mob

Cash Mob

It’s like a flash mob, but motivated to buy


A term for Canada’s growing population of senior citizens


Why did the term “cybrarian” go out of style?

Hint Fiction

What can you write in less than 25 words?


Sometimes, being unemployed can be positive – it depends on who you ask


What kind of films are part of the “mumblecore” movement?


Converts say that VB6 can do wonders for you


Idaho Stop

Idaho lingo for slow down and yield

Third-hand smoke

Toronto Star reported in January that the alarm is sounding over “third-hand smoke”


Jo-Anne Marcuz is using Nintendo’s Wii video game system to help kids in recovery

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