What Does Your Name Say about You?

Alumna Mavis Himes delves into the hidden meanings and social weight of what we call ourselves

Our Problem With Stuff

What is driving North America’s obsession with hoarding?

Life Recovered

Life Recovered

A neuroscientist recounts his personal experience with drug addiction

The Age of a Face

The culture and language you are raised with can affect your ability to judge the age of people’s faces

In the Mood for Love

Women more likely than men to experience physical arousal without thinking that they’re aroused, study finds

Illustration by James Joyce

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Intelligence by itself doesn’t make you rational. Thinking rationally demands mental skills that some of us don’t have and many of us don’t use

How Rational Are You?

How Rational Are You?

Five questions to get you thinking

Rate Your Happiness

Simple happiness test is considered highly reliable

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HGTV

A lifelong pessimist meets his match

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