Business Threats Can Arise at Any Time. Are You Ready?

It’s easy to say “be prepared.” Scouts learn it. Even Scar in The Lion King sang it. So why do executives so often avoid it?

Ghost Effects

Social psychologist Michael Inzlicht launched his academic career on the study of “ego depletion.” His research suggested it was real. Then came doubts

Why Do We Make Bad Shopping Decisions?

Economists have long known that consumers can make confounding choices when presented with too much selection. But they’ve never agreed on why. Enter neuroscience

Selfie Central

U of T students greet Trudeau before his talk on trade – and Trump

A Legacy of Mentorship

U of T creates memorial scholarship and chair in honour of alumnus Geoff Taber, who died tragically in a fire in 2016

AI’s Quantum Leap

In combining two of computing’s hottest trends, the Creative Destruction Lab sees new opportunities for startups

So You Want to Build a Startup?

10 tips from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs

Student Chefs Do Battle

Tasty appetizer earns U of T second place in international cooking competition

Poll: Does the idea of starting your own business appeal to you?

The students we asked liked the greater autonomy and creativity that running their own show allows

Revealing the True You

New model for assessing personality traits could benefit employers

Helping Machine-Learning Startups Succeed

Artificial intelligence could soon transform almost everything. An innovative program at the Rotman School’s Creative Destruction Lab will help place U of T entrepreneurs at the forefront

Making Money Out of Thin Air

U of T startup Exact Media finds a way to turn excess space into a business

Scaling Up

Tiff Macklem helped steer the Bank of Canada through the financial crisis, making it the envy of its global peers. Now, he aims to place the Rotman School among the world’s best

Joseph Rotman Was One of U of T’s Greatest Champions

The business visionary offered U of T not just donations but ideas and leadership

The Risk of Innovating First

How should companies respond to technological disruption?

Introduction to The Disruption Dilemma

Professor Joshua Gans makes a case for disruption with Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Cost of “Painless” Payment

Making purchases by card and smartphone instead of cash changes our perception of value — and that could spell trouble for consumers

Creative Destruction Lab

Rotman’s innovation lab is all about disrupting the status quo

Remembering Joseph Rotman

Joseph Rotman, a leading Canadian businessman, philanthropist and one of U of T’s greatest champions, has passed away at age 80

From Dream to Reality

Canada’s next billion-dollar tech start-up might just come from U of T

Encouraging the Next Canadian Leaders

“In my experience there is no more effective cause than a university scholarship,” says entrepreneur and donor David Scrymgeour

Open for Business

U of T launches the Banting & Best Centre, one of North America’s largest entrepreneurial hubs

The Science of Mindfulness

Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout

Screen Test

Video applications for MBA applicants a hit at the Rotman School


Adults more likely to behave in socially beneficial ways when prompted

Making Boardroom Equality a Reality

Rotman’s programs for women help bolster careers and leadership abilities

Leaning Left

Meditation might make you more liberal, according to new U of T research

The Unsure Thing

The conditions for entrepreneurs in Canada are good, says Rotman professor Will Mitchell. It’s our attitude that needs work

The Importance of Being Intuitive

Chen-Bo Zhong is interested in how intuition affects moral decisions – and prevents us from behaving unethically

Hello, My Name Is…

Tired of having her name mispronounced, Ritu Bhasin developed an app to address the problem

Photo by Tom Arban/Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Open for Business

New Rotman School of Management building opens on St. George Street

Photo by Caz Zyvatkauskas

How India Innovates

A new institute will study the country’s successes

Photo by Cindy Blazevic

Water, Power and the Boardroom

Rotman’s international study tours taught Michael Odam the ins and outs of doing business in low-income countries

Photo of Donny Ouyang by Vince Talotta/

The Next Internet Sensation?

Donny Ouyang, a second-year commerce student, has high hopes for his online tutoring service. The question is: Will students pay?

Rotman Goes to School

New program teaches integrative thinking to Toronto high school students

crescent and star

Islamic Finance

Religion meets banking in a new course at Rotman

Mapping the Mind

Ambitious 10-year project will create a detailed electronic atlas of the brain

Paying for Prescriptions

An idea for managing the fastest-growing segment of health-care costs

Neena Kanwar

Risky Business

U of T science students are learning how to turn their high-tech ideas into products the world wants

Map by Zara Matheson, Martin Prosperity Institute: Data Source: MPI Calculations: Raw Data: Jeff Potter, ATOF, Inc.

Is Your City Happy?

People living on the east side of Toronto are more neurotic than those in the west, study of cities’ “personalities” finds

Pay Now, Medicate Later

Economist proposes pension-like system to pay for drugs as Canada’s population ages

The Price of Happiness

Workers paid hourly are generally happier, dollar for dollar, than those on salary, study finds

(Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth)

Boosting Your Cultural IQ

U of T programs help immigrants such as Norma Mendez re-establish their careers in Canada

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

What’s a CEO Worth?

Rotman dean Roger Martin says executive pay shouldn’t be tied to a company’s stock price, after all

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

Undermining Staying Power

If a business wants to enjoy the benefits of long-term staying power, it must reject theories built on shareholder value theory and replace them with a theory embedded firmly in the real market

Business Expansion

Rotman School of Management launches $200-million fundraising campaign.

The D-Word

Q&A with Walid Hejazi, professor of business economics and international competitiveness at the Rotman School of Management.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Business professor Ming Hu comes up with a new twist on a hard sell

The Finance Crisis and Rescue

What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned?

The Credit Crisis

Q&A with Rotman School of Management finance professor, Alan White

When Inventors Emigrate

Exchange of ideas and know-how benefits the country of origin and new country, study finds

Frequent Flyers and Sky-High Airfares

Frequent flyer programs raising the cost of airfares at key hub airports

Rotman Roars Ahead

Key donors provide $28 million for programs and expansion

When Opposing Thoughts Attract

Roger Martin, dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, illustrates his concept of “integrative thinking” in his new book

Urban Legend

Celebrated American academic Richard Florida heads up the new Martin Prosperity Institute at U of T

How to Feel Rich Quick

Currencies with a high face value such as the Japanese yen make people feel wealthier

MDS and Rotman Create $30,000 Award for Leadership

MDS Inc. honours its past president and CEO with leadership award for incoming Rotman student

Teamwork Differs for Men and Women

Study finds that men prefer more hierarchical groups

Educating CEOs

Centre for Integrative Thinking gets $10-million boost from Marcel Desautels

Give Us a (Tax) Break!

Prof advocates eliminating corporate tax to spur investment by Canadian companies

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