Templeton Philharmonic comedy duo

Divine Comedy

Alumni Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton unleash their inner infernos in darkly hilarious sketches

The Life of Rajiv

A young actor reflects on the life-changing role he didn’t get

Carl Mitchell’s Outstanding Service

Former president of the U of T Alumni Association has left a lasting impact

Generation T

For trans students at U of T, the fight for rights and equality is about much more than just washrooms

Letters to the Editor

John Tory’s open blinds and our readers’ desire to celebrate the unacknowledged


Exploring a new country linked video bloggers Simon and Martina Stawski to each other… and to the world

Personal Best

A chronic condition doesn’t need to stop you from pushing yourself athletically

Meet Mississauga’s New Mayor

Bonnie Crombie calls U of T Mississauga a “nucleus for ideas, innovation and excellence”

Sweet Legacy

The University of Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Diabetes Association carries on a proud U of T tradition

The Leech Guy

Mark Siddall takes an interest in creatures most of us avoid: leeches

Taking on Goliath

A Toronto startup is using technology to reinvent how homes are bought and sold

In Memoriam: Robert Madden

Robert Madden believed that teaching was the art of sharing knowledge

Modern-Day Tintin

Much like the Belgian reporter, cinematographer Michael Boland has dodged peril and travelled the world to get a scoop

Photo Courtesy of Phil Borg

Portrait of Generation Y

Shot in just 10 days, Julian De Zotti’s first feature film was selected for the Montreal World Film Festival

Photo by James Petranik

Steve Petranik and Ann Auman

A Varsity romance is still going strong after more than 30 years

(The Dog)

The Dog / Pic Mobert

Runner-up in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

(In Rocco's House)

In Rocco’s House (My Grandmother’s Poor Beginning)

Reader’s Choice winner in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

(Photo by Mitchel Raphael)

The Political Circus

Gabe Thirlwell gives new meaning to the term “puppet regime”

The City That Never Was

In Unbuilt Toronto, Mark Osbaldeston explores an alternate civic destiny

France August 1992

Brigid Elson’s poem placed second in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

Friends of the Library

Heggie bequest will support the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Dinner with Friends

Restaurant owner Roberto Martella believes in building community by breaking bread together

The Politics of Suspicion

Ideas-oriented periodical explores the politics of suspicion in a post-9/11 world

Robert Pontisso

Lexicographer helped produce the first Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Independence Day

The Independent Weekly celebrates 25 years

Drama Queens

Krista Sutton, Jean Yoon, Kim Gaynor, Elvira Kurt and Kate Taylor

Mad About Science and Math

Rachel Tyndale, Vincent Tropepe, Deborah Fels, Shaf Keshavjee, Ed Doolittle, Akiko Iwasaki

Classic Carson

The past is always intensely present for poet, novelist and classicist Anne Carson

A Class Reunion

The kid who used to wow adults with his math prowess has returned from the halls of Yale, Oxford and MIT to take on the presidency of his Alma Mater. For Bob Birgeneau, coming home could be his greatest challenge yet


In addition to his administrative duties, the new president will continue his research on high-temperature superconductors. To do all that, he may have to be one himself

Alphabet Soup

More than a decade ago, a bunch of U of T characters began to dine from A to Z using the Yellow Pages as a restaurant guide

An Inspired Appointment

Robert Birgeneau, alumnus and internationally acclaimed physicist, chosen U of T’s 14th president

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