The Rules of Attraction

Tinkering with pheromones turns fruit flies into indiscriminate lovers

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The Ideal Distance from Farm to Fork

Local food isn’t always environmentally the best, says geography prof Pierre Desrochers

Bridge Over Time

U of T Mississauga landmark is popular among newlyweds

What You Eat Says about You

People who eat “good” foods are perceived as more trustworthy, study finds

Cause Celeb

Do Hollywood stars change the public’s perception of issues?

Boosting Medicine and Science at UTM and UTSC

A new academy of medicine in Mississauga and groundbreaking held for science building at UTSC

Dinosaur’s “Duck Bill” Not Linked to Sense of Smell

PhD student reconstructs the brain and nasal cavity of the lambeosaur

Bringing Good Skills to Life

Academic Skills Centre at the University of Toronto at Mississauga receives gift from three community partners

Science Librarianship Established at UTM

AstraZeneca Canada provides $250,000 for reference librarian

What Makes Us Happy?

Science offers surprising new answers

The Art of Stage Fighting

Daniel Levinson wants his students to fight like they mean it, but without getting hurt

Bringing Up Baby

Adult moms more affectionate toward infants, study finds

The Real CSI

Students in UTM’s forensic science program learn quickly that art does not always imitate life

Treasure Box

Students learn forensics at one of Canada’s few maggot ranches

What, Me Worry?

Anxiety affects a person’s sense of life satisfaction less than depression, prof says

Getting Bigger All the Time

New facilities open at all three campuses

A Tale of Two Campuses

Suburban knock-offs no more, Mississauga and Scarborough are rapidly emerging as distinct institutions with their own unique approaches to teaching and research

Meet the Neighbours at UTM

The people, businesses and organizations that make UTM great

Class Structures: Erindale Hall, UTM

Bringing the outside in

Grand Openings

U of T opens two new buildings for students and researchers

Chew on This!

David Jenkins and Janet Polivy both explore the power of food. 
He probes its impact on the body, while she studies its connection to the mind

Words Speak for Themselves

Children find it difficult to interpret tone of voice

Cages of Contradiction

Women’s prisons fail to offer resources for those with addictions or in abusive relationships, study finds

Speedy Little Old Fossil

Oldest known fossil of a two-footed, running creature

Architectural Awards for UTM

City of Mississauga 2000 Urban Design Award of Excellence

The Artful Annie

Collaborative fine art program offered by UTM and Sheridan College

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