60 Seconds With Conan Tobias

Taddle Creek’s editor-in-chief shares the back story of a uniquely Canadian magazine

Music of the Heart

The Syed siblings use their voices to build a stronger Canada

So You Want to Build a Startup?

10 tips from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs

Can Science Help You Find a Soulmate?

Two U of T entrepreneurs are offering DNA tests to help singles connect and couples stay together

“Take Your Best Shot!” 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Dozens of superb entries from around the world, few easy decisions for the judges

The Magic and Tragedy of Street Art

Alumna Fathima Mohiuddin takes her art to where the people are

Loan Ranger

Online peer-to-peer lending company hopes to change how Canadians obtain loans

From Homework to Teamwork

For Anil Persaud and Cynthia Jairam-Persaud, meeting as first-years meant growing up together

Photo by Anthony Warry

Surf Scientist

Rob Brander put his specialized knowledge at the service of Australian surfers, and now a grateful nation calls him “Dr. Rip”

“I’m So Happy When I Write”

Continuing Studies program leads Sabrina Ramnanan to a publishing contract

Photo courtesy of CTV

Religion, Prayer and The Amazing Race

Muslims Nabeela Barday and Shahla Kara stay true to their faith as they vie to win a race around the world

A Medal for Mettle

Police Sergeant Jeffery Alderdice wasn’t sure how he’d react to the dangers of Afghanistan, but he more than passed his test of courage

Song and Dance

At Derrick Fung’s site, fans buy more than music – they buy musical experiences

Silver Screen Gangster

Derek Tsang plays criminals in movies, but directs films about love and family


While on a mission to save the Borneo rainforest, Emily Hunter realized environmentalism needs a rethink

Activism 2.0

What’s different about today’s environmental activists? Tools of the trade, says Emily Hunter, and a sense that change must happen now

Dream Job

Cybill Lui worked for years on Wall Street, then followed her heart into the high-risk world of film production

Urban Crusader

CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter is a champion for a better Toronto

Courtesy of Rowing Canada

Hunting for Gold

Victoria Nolan is dubbed “The Metronome” for her ability to row perfectly in synch with her teammates

Photo by glendali/stock.xchng


Self-published poet Aracely Reyes often uses dark imagery in her work

Ben Land and Trish De Luca

They flirted during undergrad but eventually lost touch. Then along came Facebook

Photo by Yoko Nakazawa

A Year in the Quake Zone

John P. Racine reflects on how his life has changed since the earthquake in Japan

Translator to the World

Entrepreneur David Lucatch is tearing down online language barriers


Follow the Green Path

University of Toronto Scarborough program helps students from China adapt to a new culture

Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Aly-Khan Rajani

“One wishes for a day when people everywhere can live with dignity”

Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Matthew Cimone

“It is amazing to me the encouragement we get from those we are ostensibly trying to help”

Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Stephen Tracy

“I believe we should each apply our own unique skills for the betterment of humanity”

Rahim Hirji

Dr. Rahim Hirji

“I dream of writing a book on leadership and self-improvement, and traveling the world as a motivational speaker”

Rhodes to Success

U of T Scarborough grad Wojciech Gryc is named a 2008 Rhodes Scholar

University Blues?

Author Jeff Rybak talks about the educational system’s flaws – and how students can play to its strengths.

Trivia Pursuit

Alum’s book of Canadian factoids contains six tidbits about U of T

Will Kwan

Artist is organizing “tailgate party” to protest New York stadium plan

The Burger King and the Prime Minister

Scholarship established scholarship in honour of favourite Canadian PM

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