Ghost Effects

Social psychologist Michael Inzlicht launched his academic career on the study of “ego depletion.” His research suggested it was real. Then came doubts

Some Forgetfulness? It’s a Good Thing

Researchers discover that our brain erases certain memories for a reason

Revealing the True You

New model for assessing personality traits could benefit employers

Allies in Her Corner

U of T faculty and staff had this alum’s back, which enabled her to thrive

Mentors Are Giving Students Confidence in Themselves

Hundreds of students such as Jenny Charitable have received a university education they thought was out of reach, thanks to U of T Scarborough’s Imani mentoring program

A New “Front Door” for UTSC

U of T Scarborough has close ties with the community. A new building will help foster even stronger links

Exploring Toronto’s Tamil Heritage

Students at UTSC will be able to learn much more about Tamil language and culture, thanks to a $2-million gift

In Memoriam: Jim Delaney

A trusted adviser to students and U of T presidents, this staff member was also open about his mental health challenges

An Historic Investment in Canadian Science and Innovation

$190 million will be spent upgrading U of T’s research labs

The Cost of “Painless” Payment

Making purchases by card and smartphone instead of cash changes our perception of value — and that could spell trouble for consumers

Views from UTSC

Does Drake go to U of T Scarborough? This Instagrammer imagines that he does

Robots That Play Soccer

At the end of the course, teams pit their robots against each other in an actual match on a mini-“field”

The Fast Lane Out of Poverty

Paved roads give households in developing nations a leg up

Those Things We Do

Relive some of the wonderful, and occasionally weird, traditions that happen only at U of T

Letters to the Editor

Readers praise UTSC’s new principal, call for action to limit global warming, and question a campus car park

Why Do Tornadoes Form?

UTSC researcher uses 30 years of climate data to understand what causes these devastating storms

The Poet

Aniqa Rahman starkly captures the close of a spellbinding performance

A Life in Blue and White

From champion student athlete to UTSC’s principal: Bruce Kidd ushers in a new era at the university’s eastern campus

Photo courtesy U of T Scarborough

Where Do You Go, My Lovelies?

Fred and Norah Urquhart’s lifelong quest for the hidden kingdom of the Monarch butterfly

Our Problem With Stuff

What is driving North America’s obsession with hoarding?

A+ in Selfies

A UTSC anthropology assignment gives students a new view of the selfie

Global Outlook, Local Roots

Fifty years on, UTSC has forged a unique identity

Open for Business

U of T launches the Banting & Best Centre, one of North America’s largest entrepreneurial hubs

Lights! Action! Learning!

UTSC was ahead of its time in pioneering lectures-through technology

N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre

The meaning behind the name of the N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre at U of T Scarborough is as interesting as the person who helped name it

Photo by Ken Jones

Dive Right In

Volunteer opportunities at the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

Barrier to Entry

Canada’s process for screening potential immigrants for HIV is opaque and unfair, says prof Laura Bisaillon

The Price of War

International aid fuels corruption in a conflict zone and may keep war going, says political science professor Aisha Ahmad

Gift on the Ground

A $1-million donation supports environmental research in Scarborough’s Rouge Park

Building Boom

Since 2005, a total of 37 major building projects have been completed or are now underway

Sparks of Brilliance

Meet U of T’s next generation of scientists, thinkers and inventors

Literary Songbird

Katherine Larson infuses her study of English with a passion for music to find new meaning in literature


Will “Gangnam Style” open the doors for other South Korean artists?

Scarborough Rising

UTSC seeks $35 million to bolster its position as intellectual and cultural hub for the eastern GTA

Photo by Ken Jones” title=

An Artist’s Legacy

Doris McCarthy’s life’s work finds a permanent home at U of T Scarborough

Photo by Gustavo Toledo

Distinctive Strength

Exciting, dynamic growth is happening at U of T’s east and west campuses

Photo by Machine Made at

Anti-Prejudice Campaigns Can Backfire

They may have reverse effect of what they intend, U of T Scarborough psychologists find

Photo by Cindy Blazevic

Neighbourhood Watch

Students in U of T Scarborough’s City Studies program learn first-hand how local immigrants are adapting to life in Canada

Lakeside Views

Lakeside Views

What principles should guide how a city develops its waterfront?

Gay or Straight?

Do some cultures have better “gaydar” than others?

Photo by Ken Jones

Intellectual Hubs

New instructional centres are opening at U of T’s east and west campuses


Follow the Green Path

University of Toronto Scarborough program helps students from China adapt to a new culture

Scholarship Will Support New Canadians

Thillart Family Scholarship in Management recognizes the challenges new immigrants face

The Agony of Ecstasy

Long-term study of the cognitive effects of regular ecstasy use

What Prejudice Does

Belonging to a stigmatized group reduces the self-control students use regulate to their behaviour

Boosting Medicine and Science at UTM and UTSC

A new academy of medicine in Mississauga and groundbreaking held for science building at UTSC

Good Karma

Buddhist group Tung Lin Kok Yuen, gives $4 million to U of T

Outdoor Sweatshops

U of T geography professor Ken MacDonald is challenging unfair labour practices on the slopes of the Karakoram Mountains

Help for Scarborough Students

New UTSC scholarships support students interested in women’s issues

A Whole New World of Study

U of T Scarborough to launch planetary science program

Foiling the Warren Harding Syndrome

Structured interviews help weed out bias in job selection

Dangerous Liaisons

Zoologist Maydianne Andrade makes an intriguing discovery about the bizarre mating habits of redback spiders

When Animals Worry

Chronic stress affects reproduction and survival levels

Bismuth Bullets

Researchers concerned lead alternative may be entering the food chain

Anywhere but Here?

U.S.-based multinational companies are bypassing Canada, study finds

Getting Bigger All the Time

New facilities open at all three campuses

The Simpsons in Scarborough

Husband and wife will head up new centre

UTSC Campaign Surpasses Goal

Scarborough campus raises more than $130,000 from staff and faculty

Admiring the Landscape

Doris McCarthy’s paintings on display at U of T Scarborough gallery

A Tale of Two Campuses

Suburban knock-offs no more, Mississauga and Scarborough are rapidly emerging as distinct institutions with their own unique approaches to teaching and research

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