An Intellectual Emergency

In the month following the horror of September 11, and 20 years after her frosh year, writer Margaret Webb returns to U of T, again seeking understanding of the world

Testimony to Tragedy

Countless U of T alumni were touched by the September 11 terrorist attacks. Here are just some of their stories

The Woodsworker

Peter Schleifenbaum and his one-of-a-kind Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve show that well-managed forests can serve the needs of commercial logging and conservationists. We can have our timber and trees, too

Stewards of Our Forests

Forest certification promotes sustainable practices

U of T Forestry: Top of the Class

School was first of its kind in Canada when it opened in 1907, and it continues to lead in the development of new programs

Heavens Above

The Stewart Observatory has always inspired lofty dreams

Chew on This!

David Jenkins and Janet Polivy both explore the power of food. 
He probes its impact on the body, while she studies its connection to the mind

So Much for the Ivory Tower

U of T reacts to the September 11 tragedy

Pass the Tomato… and the Salt

Researchers create tomato that thrives in salty irrigation water

Enter at Own Risk

Emergency care in hospitals may be weaker on the weekends, study finds

Dramatic Findings

Theatre historians are gathering new information about early British entertainment

What’s in a Name?

Labels may end up suiting the people we apply them to

Solvents Harmful to Unborn

Increased risk of visual impairments, study finds

Restoring Movement

Plastic tube may hold hope for paralyzed patients

Words Speak for Themselves

Children find it difficult to interpret tone of voice

The Tenor Returns

Renowned singer Ben Heppner teaches a master class at U of T

Life’s Unsolvable Problems

An anonymous donor has created a math scholarship to honour U of T student Nicholas Martin, who passed away earlier this year

A Guarantee for Grad Students

U of T becomes the first Canadian university to offer guarantees of financial support to doctoral students

The Melody Lingers On

Jazz scholarship will assist a first-year student in the Faculty of Music

A Tale of Two Cities

New York resident Laura Chunosoff made a donation to U of T in honour of her lifelong friend in Toronto

Profs Win GG Awards

Thomas Homer-Dixon nabs non-fiction prize, George Elliott Clarke picks up poetry award

Making History

Dominion Institute aims to inform Canadians about their own history

Daniel Brooks Picks Up $100,000 Theatre Prize

In other awards, prof Robin Armstrong receives honorary degree

The Beat Goes On

A West African drumming class inspired Kathy Armstrong to make a career out of it

And the Winner Is…

1941 grad finally receives award she won more than 60 years earlier

Blues Oldies and Goodies

86 players named to U of T football’s “all-century” team

Forestry Grad Among Arbor Winners

Monte Hummel, president of World Wildlife Fund Canada, was one of 92 Arbor Award nominees

Dental Floss

The Rolls Royce of dentist’s chairs, circa 1880

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