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The Next Big Idea

Ten concepts that could shape the future: from digital credentials to safer drugs to DNA-tailored diets and more

Different but Equal

Toronto parents can choose to send their children to a variety of specialized schools. But is it possible to have too much choice in alternative education?

Photo: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1244, Item 79

The Aviator

Brave, dashing and touched by the spirit of adventure, Douglas McCurdy became the first person to fly an airplane out of sight of land

Like a Bird

A U of T engineering student has become the first ever to fly a human-powered “ornithopter”

President David Naylor

Investing in Talent

Scholarships and bursaries transform lives

Winter 2011 Letters

Letters to the Editor

Not in our backyard, the politics of eating, and culture and the law

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Looking Skyward

James Graham aims for the stars as Dunlap Institute’s first director

Tales of Residence Life

Readers share their most memorable stories

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The Virtual Search for the Perfect Roommate

A new U of T service helps students avoid Codomesticus noxious

Photo by Chris Thomaidis

Quidditch Craze

Harry Potter’s favourite sport is sweeping Canadian campuses

Photo Courtesy of Ilya Sutskever

A Neural Network for a New Millennium

Canada’s first Google fellow, Ilya Sutskever, is making breakthroughs in computer science

Photo of Rivi Frankle

The End of the Rivi Era

Rivi Frankle, who has retired after 39 years at U of T, forged friendships with countless U of T grads

Building power use on campus

Power Down

Conserving energy on the St. George campus

LOC - multiculturalism 90

Honouring Multiculturalism

John Yaremko made a $2-million gift to the Chair in Ukrainian Studies

Photo Courtesy of NASA,

Life on Mars?

Scientists are trying to determine if methane in the Martian atmosphere came from living organisms

February with 35 days?

New Year’s Revolution

A proposed new calendar would give February an extra week and start every month on a Monday.

Downtown Sao Paulo, by Fernando Stankuns

How Cities Compare

Urban centres have a huge impact on their residents’ well-being. So how can we make them better?

Photo by Jeremy Fernie

These Boots Are Made for Walking

Jennifer Hsu is studying how people walk in icy conditions in the hope of designing “smarter” footwear


Preventing Concussions

Dr. Charles Tator is trying to promote awareness of the dangers posed by even mild head injuries.

Photo by Michael Cullen, Trent Photographics

The Fallen

Joanne Tod is painting portraits of every Canadian soldier who has died in Afghanistan


Iciclology 101

Most icicles have the same carrot shape. But differences in temperature, wind conditions and water composition affect their final form

Photo by Lorne Bridgman

The Autonomous Rebel

Like the rest of his generation, Environics co-founder and author Michael Adams has no plans to spend his twilight years in a rocking chair

Photo Courtesy of Almir Alicelebic

Breathing Lessons

Nurse Almir Alicelebic brings an element of kung fu to the bedside

Photo Courtesy of Ian Jackson

The World According to Walt

Wingfield Lost and Found hits Toronto

Photo Courtesy of Hilary Davidson

The Damage Done

Hilary Davidson’s first crime novel keeps you guessing till the last page

Photo Courtesy of Katie Palmer

Warnings from the Red-Light Districts

Katie Palmer helps protect youth from sex tourists in Southeast Asia

Photo Courtesy of Ross Daly

Angela Cox-Daly and Ross Daly

Performing duo met as teens at the Royal Conservatory

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Blaževic´

Balkan Journey

Living on the fringes of Europe

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Gardiner

60 Seconds With Cass Enright

The founder of the Golden Tap Awards is hopped up on Ontario’s specialty breweries

Photo: University of Toronto Archives/a1978-0041/007(35)

Defying Gravity

Professor Wilbur Rounding Franks developed the first G-suit used in combat

Photo by Seed9

Our Thanks to You

Because the world turns to us, we turn to you

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