Winter 2011
Our Thanks to You

Because the world turns to us, we turn to you

Photo by Dave Chan

The world-renowned researchers at U of T are answering today's toughest questions. And they're teaching the next generation to do the same. Your generosity makes all that possible.

Leading Gifts
The following donors made new gifts and pledges to the University of Toronto of $5,000 or more. All donors listed in these pages made gifts or pledges between May 1, 2009, and April 30, 2010.

$10,000,000 or more
Russell and Katherine Morrison
Barrick Heart of Gold Fund, Peter and Melanie Munk, The Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation
The Carlo Fidani Foundation

$1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Michael and Amira Dan
Samuel Lyon Sachs
William and Phyllis Waters
Jack Whiteside
BMO Financial Group
Deer Park United Church
Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.
The Lassonde Foundation

$100,000 to $999,999
Isabel and Alfred Bader
Joseph J. Barnicke
Vaughn Timothy Betz
Clement W. Bowman
The Canavan Family
Dan Donovan
Samuel Duboc
George A. Elliott
Charles Field-Marsham
Danny Fung
William C. and Catherine Graham
Scott Griffin
Richard A. Hainsworth
Jack C. Hallam
Mary B. and Graham Hallward
Tim Hodgson and Linda A. Netten
Richard and Donna Holbrook
John Horner
Harold Kalant
Ignat, Didi, Anna-Maria and Kristina Maria Kaneff
Patrick B. Meneley
Nesbitt Family
Sylvia Ostry
Dorothy Ross
Sandra and Joseph Rotman
Reza Satchu
Francis N. Shen
James C. Smith
Fred Sorkin
Dorothy Y. Szymaszek
Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation
The Catalyst Capital Group Inc.
Centre for International Mobility – CIMO
Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals
(Ontario) Education Foundation
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
Jackman Foundation
Leacross Foundation
Medical Alumni Association, University of Toronto
Mentor Medical Systems Canada
Microsoft Corporation
N.S. Robertson Charitable Foundation
Procter & Gamble Inc.
Rice Development Corp.
The Kenneth M. Molson Foundation
The Kimel Family
The Law Foundation of Ontario
The Lupina Foundation
The Purpleville Foundation
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
The Tikvah Fund
University Health Network and Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation
University Medical Imaging Centre
Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation
1 Anonymous Donor

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$25,000 to $99,999
Dimitri John Anastakis
James C. Baillie
George P. and Elizabeth C. Baird
W. Geoffrey Beattie
Thomas A. B. Bell
Roland and Marie Bertin
Aldo Domenic Boccia
David G. Broadhurst
Carl F. Brown
Mitchell and Amy Brown
Paul H. Carson
John and Mary Cassaday
Gordon F. Cheesbrough
Arthur Dalfen
Marc De Perrot
George and Katherine Dembroski
Edward Drakich
Henry Farrugia
George A. Fierheller
Albert D. and Nancy Friedberg
Senator Jerry S. Grafstein and Carole Grafstein
Mike Guinness
Ian Hacking
Ralph and Roz Halbert
Patricia L. Pearson Hannah
Sandra J. Hausman
Lesley A. Hogarth
John A. Honderich
Velma P. W. Howie
Edward J. R. Jackman
The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman
C. Douglas and Ruth (Crooker) Jay
Peter Jewett and Robin Campbell
The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
Sheryl and David Kerr
Shaf Keshavjee
Julie Khanna
Thomas E. Kierans
Timothy Lowman
Hugh and Laura MacKinnon
Coral and William Martin
Alastair McKinnon
Noella M. P. Milne
Harold Murphy
Alastair McD Murray
James Norcop
D. Jean Orpwood
Dora Pallotta
Andrew Pierre
The Honourable Vivienne Poy
Gary William Ross
Anita and John Rossall
Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman
David Shaw
Cathy Spoel
Christine Tang
Joseph and Marcella Tanzola
Eleanor Thomson
Sandra and Guy Upjohn
John and Barbara Vivash
Thomas K. Waddell
John H. Watson
Mark Weisdorf and Lorraine Bell
Alan White
Harold M. Wolkin
AEG Power Solutions Inc.
Alcon Canada Inc.
Allergan Inc.
Alumni of Victoria College
Amgen Canada Inc.
ARISE Technologies Corporation
Arts & Science Students’ Union
Astra Tech Inc.
Azim Premji Foundation
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Canadian Glaucoma Society
Canadian Jewish News Fund
Canadian Opera Volunteer Committee
Central Ontario Regional Council of Carpenters, Drywall and Allied Workers
Christakis Mozeg Medicine Professional Corporation
Clark & Faria Covidien
Dream Maker Realty
Engineering Alumni Association
ERCO Worldwide
Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)
Hustler Young Men’s Bible Class
Innova Medical Ophthalmics Inc.
International Association for Energy Economics
J. P. Bickell Foundation
Jeffrey Cook Charitable Trust
Johnson & Johnson Medical Products
Lewfam Foundation
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Medicine Class of 2009
Medicis Aesthetics Canada Ltd.
Menkes Developments Incorporated
Debbie and Donald Morrison Family Foundation
Novartis Ophthalmics
Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health
Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Qualcomm Incorporated
RBC Foundation
RCGA Foundation
Roscoe Reid Graham
Rotman International Centre for Pension Management
Semper Polonia Foundation
St. Michael’s Imaging Consultants
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co.
Straumann Canada Ltd.
Students’ Administrative Council of the U of T
Synthes Canada Limited
TD Bank Financial Group
The Dr. Charles H. Best Foundation
The John Dobson Foundation
The Alex and Ruth Dworkin Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal
The D. H. Gordon Foundation
The Scott Griffin Foundation
The John and Deborah Harris Family Foundation
The Paloma Foundation
The Salamander Foundation
The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation
Toronto Business & Professional Women’s Club
Toronto MELAB Language Centre
Triangle Community Foundation
UofT Medical Class of 2004
Victoria Women’s Association
Women’s College Hospital Foundation
4 Anonymous Donors

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$10,000 to $24,999
Ann and Duncan Abraham
Laura Adams
Derek P.H. Allen
Gail R. Appel
David J. Bedggood
Arzhang Beheshti
Carolyn Ann Bennett
Margaret A. Bennett
Heather L. Benson
T. Rodney H. Box
Gary H. Brown
Terry Buckland
George and Martha Butterfield
Marie and William Campbell
Kenneth Carless Smith and Laura C. Fujino
John and Margaret Catto
Steven Chepa
Larry Chester
Monique Christakis
J. Rob Collins
Graham B. R. Collis
Tony and Elizabeth Comper
Suzanne Ivey Cook
William J. Corcoran
Murray A. and Katherine Corlett
Purdy Crawford
Ronald Crawford
The Dan Family and Leslie and Anna Dan
Gail Darling
Mary Alice Davis
Jon and Lyne Dellandrea
Anthony N. Doob
Bob Ewen
Wade Robert Felesky
Graeme and Phyllis Ferguson
John C. Field
Margaret and Jim Fleck
Judith Fox-Shapero
James Bryan Fukakusa
Bob and Irene Gillespie
Ralph Govan
Malcolm Graham
Rosemary E. Harris
Ann M. Hatch
William L. B. Heath
Paul T. Hellyer
Claudia Hepburn
Michael J. Herman
William E. Hewitt
Maruja Jackman
Susan C. Jefferies
Wendy A. Kane
Alison Keith
Raja Khanna
George B. Kiddell
Philip Ko
B. Angela Lange
J. Spencer Lanthier
Ching Lau
John H. Lawrence
Ross Douglas Lawrence
R. Douglas Lloyd
Douglas W. MacEwan
Dorrine Robertson Macnab
Keyvan Mahjoor
Nicholas Mancini
Jean Mann
Jefferson and Sally Mappin
Doris McCarthy
Donald I. McCaw
John and Aileen McGrath
Robert D. McKeracher
Dorothy McRobb
Frank and Patricia Mills
Guy W. Mills
Frank and Helen Morneau
Gertrude Moses
David and Mary Neelands
Michael Nobrega
Mark and Edith Nusbaum (Nusbaum Family Charitable Foundation)
Brian Ostrow
Mary Ann Parker
William I. M. Pollock
David Rayside
Jeffrey L. Reynolds
Gerry Rocchi
Ellen B. Roseman
Michael and Sheila Royce
Mario D. and Mary A. Ruggiero
Johanna Sedlmayer-Katz
Larry E. Seeley
Susan M. Sheen
Christopher Robert Shultz
Cathy Sinclair
Donald Smith
Joseph D. M. Sorbara
Margaret and Andrew Stephens
J. W. Nevil and Susanne Thomas
Richard Iorweth Thorman
James M. Tory
Wesley R. Twiss
Michael Ukas
Elizabeth Walter
Paul B. Walters
Paul D. Warner
Bert Wasmund
Adam Watson
Marnie White
Mark D. Wiseman
Lydia Wong
Michael Wong
Mert Wright
Joan and Robert Wright
AMD Canada
Architects Alliance
Association for Korea and Canada Cultural Exchange
AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
Bel Canto Foundation for the Advancement of Italian-Canadian Heritage
Blue Rodeo
Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai Canada and Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation of Canada
Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies
Canadian Macedonian Senior Citizens Centre Association
Canadian Sugar Institute
Cargill Inc.
Casco Inc.
Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Drs. Gupta and Yucel Medicine Professional Corporation
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
Epilepsy Research Fund of Canada
Friends of Victoria
University Library and
Victoria College Book Sale
Galin Foundation General Mills Canada Inc.
Geo-Foundations Contractors Inc.
George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada Limited
H. H. Angus & Associates Limited
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Heidelberg Engineering GMBH
Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
Ingres Corporation
Insight Production Company Ltd.
JCT Management Inc.
Kellogg Canada Inc.
Kraft Canada Inc.
Mead Johnson Nutritionals
Medicine Class of 0T8
Microsoft Research Limited
Monsanto Canada Inc.
Mount Sinai Hospital – Department of Medicine Research Fund
Nathan and Lily Silver Family Fund for Yiddish Studies
Nestlé Canada Incorporated
Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
Ontario Professional Engineers – Foundation for Education
PearTree Financial Services Ltd.
Phil Lind Foundation
Quaker Tropicana
Gatorade Canada Inc.
Rennie Management Corporation
Rio Tinto Alcan
Robert Bosch LLC
Skoll Foundation
Tartu College
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
The Hope Charitable Foundation
The Ireland Fund of Canada
The John Zdunic Charitable Foundation
The Julius Kuhl Family Foundation
The Langar Foundation
The Toronto Notes for Medical Students Inc.
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
The Youssef-Warren Foundation
Torys LLP
Trow Associates Inc.
U of T Women’s Association
Unilever Canada Inc.
University Health Network – Department of Ophthalmology
University of Toronto Alumni Association
University of Toronto at Mississauga Alumni Association
University of Utah – Department of Political Science
Vancouver Foundation
Varsity Grads Foundation
Windgate Charitable Foundation
Women in Capital Markets
Women’s Musical Club of Toronto Centennial Foundation

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$5,000 to $9,999
G. David Adamson
David and Sigrid Ades
Kathryn Adrian
Ajay Agrawal
Arthur S. Ainsberg
Francis Allen
Benjamin Alman
Daniel Almenara
Richard Alway
Sidney E. Amster
Fariba Anderson
Philip Anisman
Nora Aufreiter and Lawrence Pentland
David J. Backstein
Brad and Katherine Badeau
Paul Bain
John Bajc
Jalynn H. Bennett
Paul Bennett
Alexandra Berezowsky
Mark Bernstein
Rob Bicevskis
Richard Blickstead
Harald and Jean Bohne
Anne Adela and Ray W. Bonnah
Lisa Balfour Bowen and Walter M. Bowen
Catherine Brayley
William and Arden Broadhurst
Frank C. Buckley
George Buckley
Gloria Buckley
Wendy M. Cecil
Margaret G. Chambers
Benjamin Chan
Larry F. Chapman
Marshall L. Chasin and Joanne DeLuzio
Dennis and Janice Choa
Charles S. Churcher
Dusan and Maureen Cizman
Ian and Marjorie Clark
Margaret E. Cockshutt
Terence R Collins-Williams
Robert Cook
Dick Cousland
John D. Croker
Michael B. Cruickshank
Joseph Cundari
Stephen K. Curry
J. Rod Davey
Larry Davies
Benjamin Deheshi
Tony M. and Vanda Delitala
Thomas DiGiacomo
John M. Diniz
Khalid S. Dinno
Neil H. Dobbs and Susan Girard
Kevin Dougherty
W. Downe
Yolanta Dukszta
Gerard Dunnhaupt
Freda M. Eickmeyer
Hope Fairley
Elaine Fantham
W. Robert and Gail Farquharson
Michael J. Ferguson
Peter Charles Ferguson
Bernard S. Fishbein
J. Peter Foster
Arnis Freiberg
Timothy John Fukakusa
Rajiv Gandhi
Philippe and Gillian Garneau
Suzanne Gayn
Carla Gilders and Chris Bartle
Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky-Gluskin
Valerie Godsoe Jennings
Lionel J. and Mary Goffart
Ronn E. A. Goldberg
Paul W. Gooch and Pauline Thompson
John and Mary Goodwin
John A. G. Grant
John D. Grant
Marketa and Allan Gross
George Grossman
Mary C. Ham
Richard F. Haskayne
Donall and Joyce Healy
Gary J. Hewson
Wayne Hindmarsh
Sevan Hopyan
Clay B. Horner
Andrew Howard
Shirley Hoy
Paul and Judith Huyer
Kenneth W. Inkster
William H. Irwin
Nathan Isaacs
David J. A. Jenkins
Glen Jones
Sidney M. and Elaine Kadish
Arthur P. Kennedy
Claire M. C. Kennedy
Jay S. Keystone
Bruce Kidd
Marnie Kinsley
Malcolm D. Knight
William J. Kraemer
Merle Kriss
Eva Kushner
Johnny Lau
Richard Borshay Lee
Stephen J. Lewis
Paul F. Little
Robert E. Lord
Larry Lundy and Elizabeth (Langford) Julian
Anne Luyat
Nizar N. Mahomed
Kevin Lem Mak
Stanley Makuch
Patricia and Alan Marchment
Joe Martin
Doris M. (Chisholm) McBean
Brenda Mccabe
Keith and Pamel McCallum
Tom McCurdy
J. A. (Sandy) McIntyre
David J. and Patricia McKnight
E. Richard S. McLaughlin
Mark McLean
Michael N. Melanson
Rael Merson
Robert B. Mitchell
Peter L. Mitchelson
Murray and Patricia Mogan
Mildred G. Moir
Neville B. Monteith
Valinda Morris
Gillian Morrison
Unni Narayanan
David Naylor
Anne H. Nethercott
Hilary Nicholls
Edmond G. Odette
John D. Ogden
Darrell Ogilvie-Harris
Jean (Reilly) O’Grady
Brian and Anneliese O’Malley
William K. Orr
Clifford Orwin
Jocelyn Palm
David N. Palmer
Mauro Pambianchi
Joan W. (Dixon) Parkes
S. M. Parkhouse and Jean I. Parkhouse
Erik Parnoja
Charles E. Pascal
Alexander C. Pathy
Peter Pauly
Elizabeth Paupst
Michael B. Pedersen
James E. Pesando
Paul and Patricia Phoenix
Herbert Ross Pitman
Gordon Poole
David Powell
Richard Powers
Y. Raja Rampersaud

Pauline and Newton Reed
Peter A. Reich
Mrs Jack Reynolds
Paul Richards
Robin R. Richards
Jennifer Riel
Ronald E. Ruest
Nancy J. Ruhnke
Edward and Stella Rzadki
Oleg Safir
David Samuel
William and Meredith Saunderson
Ralph Scane
George Schaller
Wes Scott
Kamal Sharma
Gerald Sheff and Shanitha Kachan
Jessica and Robert Shelley
John Shnier
Barbara Shum and Manos Vourkoutiotis
David P. Silcox and Linda Intaschi
Charles and Lynne Simon
Patricia Simpson
Edward and Marisa Sorbara
Suzanne J. Spragge
George Stalk
P. C. and Sharron Stangeby
Mary B. Stedman
Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz
Anne R. Stinson
Daniel Stinson
Matthew Stinson and Rebecca Parro
Nicholas Stinson
Kevin Stolarick
Richard Eli Stren
Belinda Stronach
Tom and Marilyn Sutton
Khalid Syed
L. Kaarina Talvila
Brian Tanner
Karel and Yoka terBrugge
Gordon Thompson
R. Paul Thompson
The Tile Family
Sharon L. Todd
J. Michael and Naomi Tomczak
Alan Torrie
Paul Torrie
Mark Toulouse
Olev Trass
Yvonne Y. W. Tsang
Heather and Jeff Ullman
Anne Urbancic
Marianne Valjas
Bill VanderBurgh
Christian J. Veillette
Elizabeth Vosburgh
William and Joyce Wallace
Nadia Walter
David J. Watt
John H. Weber
John H. Wedge
Peter J. Weiler
Edward B. White
John R. Whitman
Glen Whyte
Lorne T. Wickerson
W. David Wilson
Marilyn and Bert Winberg
David and Carol Wishart
Ruth G. Woods
James G. Wright
Jay S. Wunder
Morden S. Yolles
Yeni Yucel
Reinhard Zeller
Katherine Zettle
Ken Zuckerman
551571 Ontario Inc.
Associates of the University of Toronto Mississauga
Association of Prosthodontists of Ontario
Basilian Fathers
Birks Family Foundation
Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.
The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
Canadian Rock Mechanics Association
Chair of Ukrainian Studies Foundation
CIBC World Markets
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Donner Canadian Foundation
Dopomoha Ukraini Foundation
Embassy of the Netherlands
ENS Ventures Inc.
F. K. Morrow Foundation
First Media Group Inc.
FirstService Corporation
Fog Creek Software Inc.
Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Geoffrey B. Scott Memorial Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation
Elinor Gill Ratcliffe
Grand Lodge of Ontario I.O.O.F
Group of Gold Line
Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.
J. E. P. Research Associates Ltd.
Katedra Foundation
Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation
Later Life Learning
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Manulife Financial
Maurice Cody Research Trust
Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc.
Medical Society
Medtronic of Canada Ltd.
Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.
New Routes to the Future Ecological Foundation
Ogilvy Renault
Scotiabank Group
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
Senior Alumni University of Toronto
Shell Canada Limited
Sun Life Financial
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Symantec Corporation
T.E.S.T. Charitable Foundation
TACC Construction Ltd.
The CSL Group Incorporated
The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario
The Korea Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada
The Lionel Gelber Foundation
The McLaughlin Scholarship Trust Fund
The Mitsui Canada Foundation
The Northup/Lawson Memorial Trust Fund
The Samuel W. Stedman Foundation
The William and Nancy Turner Foundation
The Wolfe & Millie Goodman Foundation
University of TorontoFaculty Association
View It Inc.
Voorheis & Co. LLP
Yahoo! Inc.
2 Anonymous Donors

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Corporate Matching Gifts
We would like to acknowledge the generosity of corporations that matched charitable contributions made by their employees, directors and retirees. Corporate Matching Gifts To find out if your company is a matching gift partner, please call (416) 978-3810 or visit our website at

Accenture Inc.
Anthos Canada Inc
Apache Canada Ltd.
AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
Bell Canada – Employee Giving Program
Bell Canada
Ber Tov Capital Corporation
BMO Financial Group
Brookfield Properties Corporation
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation
ConocoPhillips Canada
EnCana Cares Foundation
Ernst & Young Matching Gifts Program for Higher Education
GE Canada
Google Matching Gifts Program
Hydro One
IBM Canada Limited
Institutional Shareholder Services Canada Corporation
Intact Foundation
Investors Group Inc.
Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
KPMG Foundation
Land O’Lakes Inc.
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Otis Canada Incorporated
Procter & Gamble Fund
PCL Constructors Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Canada
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Rio Tinto Alcan
Sun Life Financial
Suncor Energy Foundation
SYSCO Corporation
Talisman Energy Inc.
The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership
The Procter & Gamble Fund
The Toronto Star
TransCanada Corporation
Vale Inco Limited
Wyeth Canada
Xerox Corporation

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This list recognizes donors who have made gifts-in-kind of $5,000 or more.

Kenzo Aoyama
E. Kay Armatage
Arnold Gelbart / Galafilm Inc
Ann H. Atkinson
Evelyn D. Bayefsky
Robert C. Brandeis
Jennifer S. H. Brown
Walter and Danuta Buczynski
Clara Carletti
Marina Carletti
John and Margaret Catto
John H. C. Chiu
Dan Donovan
Jan Drabek
Donald D. Evans
George Fetherling
Helen A. Geagan
David M Gilmour
Lorna Goodison and Ted Chamberlin
Phyllis Grosskurth
Beverly and Milton Israel
R. Scott James
William and Hiroko Keith
Susan King
Janina Maria Konczacki
Olga M. Kowal
Eva Kushner
Richard Landon and Marie Korey
Yam Lau
Allan Lochhead
Robert Macbeth
Paul Robert Magocsi
Alberto Manguel
Kelly Mark
Margaret L. May
Paola Mayer
John Mayhall
Doris McCarthy
Thomas F. McIlwraith
Farley Mernick
Ron Mernick
Michael Miller
Albert Moritz
Karen A. Mulhallen
Desmond Neill
Larry Nevard
Phillip Nimmons
Mariel O’Neill-Karch
Ed Patenaude
Peter and Tamara Potichnyj
Maureen Price
Dalia and Ginutis Procuta
Douglas B. Quick
John Reeves
Erika E. Ritter
Ann Robson
Armand Scaini
Joseph W. Shaw
Lorne S Shields
Lillian Sim
Josef V. Skvorecky
John G. Slater
Beverley Slopen
Stephen Smart
Frances E. Smith
Faye Smith Rosenblatt
Sunshine Smith
David Solway
John D. Stanley and Helmut Reichenbacher
Ralph Gordon Stanton
Ian Storey
Anne Weldon Tait
Mario J. Valdes
F. Michael Walsh
13 Anonymous Donors

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In Honour
The University of Toronto recognizes individuals who have had gifts made in their honour.

James and Francis Alston
Marnie Appel
Michelle Margarido Fons Araujo
Michael C. Archer
Rena and Steve Arshinoff
Ken Aucoin
George P. Baird
William H. Bateman
Avie and Beverly Bennett
Solomon and Jen Birenbaum
Aldo D. Boccia
Sandford F Borins
John and Margaret Boshart
John R. Bousfield
Keren Brathwaite
Paul H. Carson
Robert A. Centa
Jennifer Chong Yen
B. Lynn Cockburn
Ena Cord
Michael and Frances-Owen Cord
Stephen M. Cord
Mary Corey
Brian Corman
Leslie L. Dan
Larry Davies
William G. Davis
Joseph D’Cruz
Maureen Donovan
Arthur Dookhoo
Daniel Drucker
James Dunne
Mahlon M. Dyer
Samuel Eckler
Tamar Ehrlich and Family
James M. Estes
Michael Farberman
David H. Farrar
Catherine and David Fidani
Manuel Albert Fine
Joanna Fishbein
Maureen C. Fitzgerald
Paul Franks
John H. Galloway
Barnett I. Giblon
William Roy Gillap
Michael and Sheri Ginsberg
Allan C. Gold
Grace Goldberg
Janice and Morrie Goldsmith
Calvin Carl Gotlieb
Jerry and Carole Grafstein
William C. Graham
Mark Greenspan
Rose Greenstein
Sari and Howie Grossinger
Jack and Helen Ground
Mary and Graham Hallward
Rick B. Halpern
Gillian Hawker
Andrew J. M. Hazeland
John Hermans
Wayne Hindmarsh
Haim Hirshberg
Judy Holland
Walter Homburger
John P. Ibbitson and Grant Burke
Henry Icyk
Alison Jefferies
Alexandra F. Johnston
Ewald R. Kacnik
Sharyl Kates
James Alan Kay
David Keeling
Clyde A. Keene
Helen Keene
Ross and Ann Kennedy
Mickey Kestenbaum
Manohar Lal Khanna
Bruce Kidd
John and Naoko Kimura
Bert Kingsley
Martin A. Klein
Renate Krakaver and Hank Lobbenberg
Kathryn Krause
Wendy Krause
Eva Kushner
Bernard Langer
Ryna D. Langer
Marion Grace Langford
Norman Levine
Liana Levinson
Ann Lewis
Greta Libel
P. Douglas Lougheed

Catherine Y. MacKinnon
Jay Macpherson
Bernice Mandelcorn
Mimi Marrocco
Roger L. Martin
Don Melady
Pascal G. Michelucci
Cheryl Misak
Jan Monaghan
Ainsley Moore
Victor Musowa
Edward Muston
Cecile Myerson
Alannah Myles
David Naylor
Paul C Nazareth
Roy Oglesby
Ian Orchard
Lami Oyewumi
Rose M. Patten
John C. Polanyi
Yannick Portebois
Komala Prabhakar
Peter Prangnell
Peter J. Prendergast
J. Robert S. Prichard
Dorothy M. Pringle
Jean Proctor
Marion Proctor
Arlo Stein Quao
Stephen James Ralls
Doreen Rao
Fred C. Robinson
Howard Lloyd Root
Barbara and Gordon Rose
Irving and Florence Rother
Harrison Rotman
Joseph L. Rotman
Jonathan Royce and Claire Jones
Olive E. B. Ryckman
Bunnie and Ken Saul
Beverly and Fred Schaeffer
Ralph E. Schnell
Lynda Sellars
John W. Senders
Afshin Shahzamani
Alice Shapiro
Ruth Silver
Lou Siminovitch
Oscar Singer
Michael Skolnik
Andrew J. Smith
Brian Cantwell Smith
Wiebke Smythe
Richard Soberman
John R. Speare
Garry Spencer
Debra G. Stein
Suzanne Stein
Alexander Sterlin-Altman
Jeffrey and Shirley Stutz
Stephen Tanny
Chloe Tate
Kenneth D. Taylor
Matthew Teitelbaum
Howard C. Tenenbaum
Hugh Thomson and Dr. John Taylor
Howard Tile
Robert G. Trimble
Marilyn A. Van Norman
Elaine and Eugene Vayda
B. Elizabeth Vosburgh
Donald A. Wasylenki
William Waters
Marcia Weiner
David White
Lenard Whiting
Douglas Willensky
Fred Wilson
Paul S. Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Kyle J. Winters and Howard Rideout
Stephanie I. Woodside
G. A. Yarranton
George A. Zarb

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In Memory
The University of Toronto recognizes individuals who have had gifts made in their memory.

John H. Addison
Michael Adjindji
Siobhan Amani Alexander
Stephanie Lianne Ali
Elliott B. Allen
Zehra Alpar
Andy Anderson
Morris S. Appleby
Ethel W. Auster
Kenneth Au-Yeung
Margo Barbaria
Gary Barnatt
Esther Bashevkin
Diran Basmadjian
Doris M. Bate
Andre Leon Adolphe Bekerman
David Belyea
Rebecca Ber
Michael K. Berkowitz
Edward W. R. Best
Clementine Bick
Charles W. Birkett
Archie Blair
Allan Bloom
Stephen Borins
John Bradley
Anthony August Brait
Edmund Brennan
Hector Brodsky
Peter M. Brooks
Archie Brown
Floyd Albert Brown
Harold F. Brown
Terry Buckland
Elizabeth A. Burcher
Judy Burstein
Sharon Butler
Leon C. Bynoe
Norman E. Byrne
Angus Cameron
Margaret Alice Canning
Anne Cannon
John A. Capo
Max Carp
Frederic James Carson
Moe Ceresne
Paul Chan
Savitri Chandrasekhar
Donald Alfred Chant
Jacqueline S. Chapman
Mildred H. Chapman
Sela Cheifetz
Soo Jin Chong
Hetty C. H. Chu
Tak Hung Chu
John H. Clark
David Coffen
Adam Douglas Leslie Do-Mun Colbourne
George Collins-Williams
Adele J. B. Colthurst
George F. Connell
Joseph Connolly
Ruth Cooperstock
John Crispo
Ferenc Csillag
Samuel Cukier
Leslie Curry
Norma N. Dainard
Jack Dainty
Richard O. Davies
Gerry Davis
Beverley A. De Villiers
Luis De Windt
Roger Eric Deane
Alex A. Derango
Shashi B. Dewan
Adrian J. DiCastri
Vincent Dick
Peter L. Dickson
Delanty J. P. Dillon
Helen Disenhouse
Michael F. Dixon
Eli Drakich
Douglas D. Dunbar
Evelyn English
Arnold Epstein
Richard V. Ericson
Rita Etherington
Keith Raymond Fagnou
Alastair Fairweather
Raymond Fecteau
Kingsley G. Ferguson
John E. Finlay
Sam Fischer
Edward Joseph Fitzgerald
John F. Flinn
Lorna Cecelia Fogg
M Paul Forestell
Estelle Frankel
Emma Frankford
M Fuzz Friend
Andrew Khamis Frow
Clifton G. Gardner
Terry Geist
Gina L Gesser
Adam Penn Gilders
Brian Goldthorp
Mary Goode
Robert Goode
Rhonda Goodman
Wolfe D Goodman
Gitel Gordon
Jack Gorrie
Suzanne Greenspan
Moe Greenspoon
Michael Gregg
Tibor Philip Gregor
Jack Grossman
Erika Gunther
David A. Guthrie
John N. Haddad
William W. Hall
James M. Ham
Jane Elizabeth Ham
Margaret I. Hambly
Matthew William Fraser Hanson
Maria Harapa
Barbara Hardy
Jackie Hart
Mary-Louise K Hawkins
Charles E. Hendry
Fay (Fanny) Hethrington
Vida Heydarian
Richard Hogg
Anne Holden
Joan Holman
Amy Hughes
Victor Yick Ho Hum
Ethel Jackson
Frederick G. Jackson
Charles C. James
Robert L. Jefferies
Michael Jeffrey
Edward Johnston
Antony Kalamut
Estherelke Kaplan
Wendy M. Kates
Marlene Katzman
Albert Kelman
Mary Kere
Margaret E. Kidd
Robert Seth Kingsley
Jack and Laura Kirk
Lothar Klein
Margaret Korossy
Linda Kralik
Alan Kulan
Dorothea F. Kulis
Marjorie E. Lacey
Joan Laidlaw
A. G. W. Lamont
Robert Watson Langdon
B. Lowell Langille
Winona E. T. LaPrairie
Miu B. Lau
Anne Lawrence
Wolf-Dietrich Leers
Joyce Legge
Irvin Lesk
Gabriel Leung
Stephanie Leung
Harold Levine
Jenny Levine
Mildred Levine
Andrew Lind
Louis Llewellyn and George Vosper
Kurt Loeb
Ronald Leslie Lowman
Harold MacDonald
Frank Archibald Macdougall
J. Francis Mallon
Grace Mak and Richard Miller
Dinah C. Mancini
Kayla Mandshein
Hugh Manning
Hanna Markowicz
Michael E. Marmura
Gilchrist J. Martin
Katharine J. Martyn
Robin D. Mason
Armand Maurer
Evelyn Henderson McAndrew
Mary R. McTeague
Borna Meisami
Barbara Meissner-Fishbein
Cheryl Meszaros
Abraham Miller
Clara G. Miller
Kim Miller
Ronald W. Missen
Ailsa Moulsdale
Mary A. T. Murphy
Margot Murray
Gerald A. Nash
Ann Frances Oakes
Anne E. O’Keefe
Dennis O’Shea
Lora D. A. Pallotta
Nancy Park
Ben Parker
Geoffrey H. Parke-Taylor
Florence Helen Parrott
Peter T. Patterson
Laurence A. J. Pavlish
Katherine Penn
Henry Perkell
Margaret A. Pettem
Frank W. Pindar
Barbara E. Plewman
Irving Pomeranz
Kathryn J. Poole
Willem George Poolman
John C. Pope
Michael Porter
Dan Presley
Erkki Pukonen
Donald Quick
G. David Quirin
Alexander Rahimi
Diana Rankin
Edward Bevan Ratcliffe
Victor Reiter
Deirdre Norah Reynolds
Douglas Riley
Friedrich P. J. Rimrott
Eugene D. Rittich
Arnold P. Robertson
Bertha and Robert Robertson
Frederic C. Robinson
Francis Rocchi
John H. Rodd
Edward S. Rogers
Henry Rogers
Edgar Ruda
Johnny Rumak
Douglas S. Russell
Snil “Sunny” Sahanan
Ben and Viola Saldanha
John D. Salmon
Karl Sanders
Miyumi Sasaki
Clementina Sauro
Ernest Schnell
J. W. Scrivin
Lynda Sellars
Rose Senderovich
Kay Sera
George Sereny
Roselind Shapero
Marjory Shedd
Fanny Silberman
Silvia Silver
Morris Aaron Singer
Robert M. Sklar
Abram Skrobacky
Henry Slaby
Zerada Slack
Ronald Morton Smith
Peter T. Smylski
Jaroslav Sodek
Barbara Marion Steinberg
Jeffery A. Stinson
David T. Stockwood
Marion M. Stone
Norma Sussman
Ilmar J. Talvila
Ting Sum Tang
Aron Avraham Tanny
Colleen Tate
Ian Tate
Douglas Thomson
Frederick A. Tilston
James D. Todd
James Toguri
Caralyn A. Tomlin
Alexander P. Torgov
Atilla Turgay
Berta Vigil-Laden
Seymour H. Vosko
Lorne Wagner
Michael J. Walker
Jean Wallace
Malcolm Wallace
Ilmar Wallner
William J. Walsh
Beverly Wedemire
John Weinzweig
David Weisman
Abraham Weiss
Sharon Wells
John E. Welsted
Neville J. Wesson
John West
Herman White
Anna Wiens
Hilda E. Wilson
Tony C. Wong
Ken Wood
Helen M. Woodliffe
Johnny Kar Lok Yip
Jozef Henrich Zgraja
Donna Zielinski
Saul Zuker

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Lasting Legacies
The University of Toronto recognizes donors whose gifts were made through realized bequests, trusts or insurance.

Aniela Anderson
Jeanne F. E. Armour
M. Eleanor Austen
Dorothy J. Ball
Dr. Ross Barrett and Elfrieda Irwin
R. Alfred Best
John R. Bickle
Benjamin Herbert Birstein
Alina Blaszczyk
Erika Dorothea Lina Boldt
David Bolton
William Brown Boyd
Cecil Phillipson Bradfield
Muriel Helen Bradford
Reuben Brant
Marion E. Brown
Robert Bruce
C. L. Burton Trusts
Alice M. Buscombe
Atheda E. Campbell Trust
Bonnie Barbara Campbell
Samuel Castrilli
Diane A. Christensen
John Clark
Norah P. Clark
Kenneth B. Conn
Ruth W. Corner
William Douglas Crone
Dorothy Jane Metcalf Deane
Joseph A. Devine
Frederick and Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation
Ian MacDonald Drummond
Mary Jean Eddis
Vladimir J. Elgart
John Charles Fields
Patricia F. Fleisher
Mary Elli Fletcher
John F. Flinn
Ruth Ford
Thomas F. Foster
George J. M. Gale
Gayle Gilchrist James
Jean Glasgow
Beatrice C. Glasier
Mary Elizabeth Sheila Gornall
Kathleen Graham
David Mackness Hayne
Victor Hedges
John A. Hethrington
Helen Rose Himmel
Pandora Yin Han Ho
John M. P. Holland
Grace L. Irwin
Grace Jardine
Ruby Maud Jolliffe
Edward S. Kamski
Lawrence M. Keay
Myrtle V. Kell
Bertha Lamb
Sylvia Louise Laurie-Dearden
Michael Lawee
Martin Lee
Reuben Wells Leonard
Mary O. Miller Love
Renee Lyons
Alexander E. MacDonald
Margaret Jean Leppington
J. Edgar McAllister
Evelyn Henderson McAndrew
James Samuel McCleary
R C McKeen
Charles William McKenzie
Alison (Jones) McQuay
David Meltzer
William C. Michell
C. Lucille and Victor Millard
Dr. Lorus J. Milne and
Dr. Margery J. Milne Charitable Trust
Marjorie (Deans) Misener
Maureen Mogan
A. B. B. Moore
James Nowlan
Nancy Orwen
Fred H. Papke
Helen Marie Patterson
Florence E. Pennington
Lillian Phillips
Margaret Catherine Pounsett
Dr. H. Guy and Eunice Poyton
Edward and Irene Pulker
Manuel E. Pusitz
Doris Elizabeth Quiney
James H. Rattray Memorial Trust
Hubert A. Reid
Joyce Leah Robertson
Ted S. Rogers
Norah K. M. (McCully) Rutherford
Rupert Schieder
Ian G. Scott
Elspie R.E. Shaver
Henry A. Sims
Hannah Slater
Angela L. Smith
Javuntheamball Soobiah
E. Jean Southworth
Anne C.M. Starr
Mary F. Stewart
The Stratton Trust
M. Lynne Sullivan
C. Ian P. Tate
Aileen Tidy
George H. Tidy
John J. Vitali
Estate of Olwen Walker
M. Elisabeth Wallace
James Allan Walters
William Guy Walton
Irene Warnock
Victor Weinberg
M. Margaret Westgate
Doreen M. Williams
Merle Irene Williams
Robert H. Wilson
George and Isobel B. Winnett
Edward Rogers Wood
Helen M. Woodliffe
Frank Woods

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King’s College Circle Heritage Society
The King’s College Circle Heritage Society recognizes and honours alumni and friends who have thoughtfully made a provision for the university through a future bequest, life insurance or trust gift.

Don Alderdice
Lillias Cringan Allward
John Baty
Roderick Bell
Justine Blainey-Broker and Blake Broker
Teena Bogner and Ian Gaskell
Ellen and Brian Carr
Mark A. Cheetham
Dusan and Maureen Cizman
Sheila M. Cowan
Ariella and Mark Damelin
Merle H Gobin-Valadez
Richard W. Guisso
James Ernest Harlick
K. Betty Hill
Bill Huycke
Kenneth W. Inkster
James D. Kemp
Janet E. Kim
John Lorinc and Victoria Ann Foote
Douglas Emerson McDougall
Michael Menzinger
Christian Mueller
Mary and Stan Neal
Pierre Karch and Mariel O’Neill-Karch
Roger and Marjorie Pelham
C. Elaine Penalagan
Sonja Sinclair
Carol A. Tait
Terrill Theman
Bernard A. Torbik
Wayne Douglas Yetman
Andrew Steven Zakrzewski
22 Anonymous Donors

We are grateful for the continued support of all our generous donors.
For more information, or if you have questions about U of T’s donor listing , please contact Alyson Geary at (416) 978-5754 or

Presidents’ Circle
The University of Toronto recognizes donors whose gifts were made through realized bequests, trusts or insurance. The King’s College Circle Heritage Society recognizes and honours alumni and friends who have thoughtfully made a provision for the university through a future bequest, life insurance or trust gift. Through their commitment and annual giving at the leadership level, Presidents’ Circle members help the university educate deserving students, attract and retain great faculty, and build innovative faculties and programs. Our thanks to Presidents’ Circle members for their foresight, leadership and generosity. For more information about making a leadership gift to U of T, please visit or call (416) 978-3810.

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