Apocalypse How?

The world will end, just probably not this year, University of Toronto experts say

End Times

“End-of-the-world” panics go back hundreds of years

Welcome to the “Apopalypse”

The fascination with end times is everywhere in pop culture – including that Britney Spears song on your iPod

Evil Robots

Could the machines we create one day destroy us?

Deadly Pandemics through History

It seems that every era has its scourge

Zombies vs. Vampires

What’s scarier, a zombie or vampire apocalypse?

How Stars Die

Some blow out, others just fade away

The Technopreneurs

Science students get a month-long crash course in turning an idea into a viable business at U of T’s “Techno” program

Canada’s Next Tech Success?

Three Techno participants share the vision for their companies

Enter Stage Left

Jeremy Hutton nudges Hart House Theatre in a new direction

Star Power

Hart House’s notable theatre, film and television personalities

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers weigh in on education, intrafaith dialogue, and women’s contributions to the university

President's Message

Our Ties with Asia

U of T’s long-standing connections with the Asia-Pacific region will serve us well in a future defined by global collaboration

City Building

The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design unveils a bold plan to transform historic One Spadina

String Theory

U of T’s yo-yo master finds the secret to unwinding

The Mud Bowl

Canada Post commemorates an iconic moment at U of T’s Varsity Stadium

Secrets of Arabic

Award-winning professor Abdel-Khalig Ali shares the rewards and challenges of teaching Arabic

Wymilwood Café

What does “Wymilwood” mean?

Fine Art in Fabric

Art history prof Alexandra Palmer goes BIG with a ROM textile exhibition

U of T’s Biggest Class Ever

Coursera brings online learning to the masses

Hands-on Learning

New College’s ONE program gets students into small classes – and out of the lecture hall

Scarborough Rising

UTSC seeks $35 million to bolster its position as intellectual and cultural hub for the eastern GTA

Honouring a Mentor

Ophthalmologist Agnes Wong supports an award named for a doctor who inspired her

Eastern Promise

U of T celebrates its connections to the Asia-Pacific region

Smartphone apps

Are Smartphones Safe?

As we become inseparable from our mobile devices, the risk of identity theft is growing

Neighbourhood Health

People who live in less “walkable” communities, especially new Canadians, are more likely to develop diabetes


There’s nothing fluffy about this

Voter Inequality

In a federal election, why does a vote from Charlottetown count for more than one from Markham?

One-step device

Second Skin

Machine-made skin being developed at U of T may be safer, faster and cheaper than traditional grafts

Tossing a Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has finally produced its last penny. Is it time to get rid of the nickel, too?

Future Forest

Will higher air temperatures affect Canada’s evergreen forests?

Tweet If You Love Monet

New technologies are taking art directly to the people, forcing galleries and museums to adapt

Eastern Riders

Ryan Pyle takes on India and China, with a thirst for adventure

To Serve and Restore

Richard Iorweth Thorman helps restore the M1917 tank – a rare piece of Canadian history

The Lives of Others

Learning to sew or wield a chainsaw is all in a day’s work for writer Ian Williams

Music From the Heart

Two U of T alumni make their debut performances with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Pauline Chan and Keith Thomas

Friendship came first for Chan, a CTV news anchor and Thomas, CEO of Vive Nano

Lindsay Zier-Vogel

She Loves You

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s eight-year quest to make strangers’ days a little better – through the magic of love letters

Nightmare in Nanking

Diana Tso has written a play to draw attention to an atrocity against the Chinese people – and deliver a message of reconciliation

60 Seconds with Vass Bednar

Vass Bednar talks about making public policy fun – including policy-making activities while grocery shopping

Moot Point

Practising courtroom skills was a lot more fun in the days of student pranks

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