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A Butterfly on the Rhubarb Leaves

Brandon Marlon uses vivid imagery in his poetic verses

She balances gracefully on fleshy leafstalks,
alert and limber,
keeping her own counsel,
patient and confident in nature’s promise.
She knows the world sees a slavish thing,
lowly and crawling,
easily squished underfoot,
a feeble specimen unfit for survival.
Yet within her resides unflappable faith,
a resolve to steadily progress,
till achieving sublime elevation,
fluttering above the trivial world of strivers.
She has only to endure her present condition,
evolve in her looming cocoon,
until the auspicious time arrives,
emerging anew with refreshed shape and life.

And on that day the slave will be called Monarch.


Brandon MarlonBrandon Marlon (BA 2000 VIC) writes poetry on Judaic and Judeo-Arabic themes.


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