Writers' Circle
A Fall Day

Cáitrióna Giles writes about past wounds – and liberation from them

Crushed leaves on the ground
The beginning of fall
Ripped leaves in the palm of my hand
As crisp and fragile as unbridled sand
Shards of my past
Fragmented memories and proof of life
Of past digressions and salted wounds
Mixed shades of paling greens, yellows and browns
Close my fist around them and it’s almost as if they’ve disappeared
A fist that’s bled, that’s harmed.
Scrapped knuckles and bruised flesh
Emancipated thoughts of redemption and forgiveness
Give me the strength to forgive
And seek redemption for the battles I’ve waged
The wars I’ve lost
Casualties of fear and pride
Rebuilt from cinder and ash
Unclench my fist, and blow it all away
Shadowed figures transform into calming winds
A song escapes my chapped lips
A myth filled with dragons slain and bloodshed
That happened long ago
In a city filled with bustling subways and tyrannical storms
Stand up for another day
Take a breath and get your footing
Smile, clear your eyes and
Fight to live, fight to love another day


Cáitrióna Giles is currently a third-year English and art history student at U of T. She is passionate about writing, which is therapeutic, but she also hopes to pursue a career in animal care.


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