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Dreamtime and the What of the Shadow

Cory Ingram’s creative exploration of life evokes a dreamlike quality

Being everything you are,
Favouring the starfish in the poppy
Means liking everything else a little bit less:
The icicles of moss on your grandmother’s tree,
The scent of a fresh camellia,

And for the soldier,
Courage means abandoning the white flag,
Letting the armored sheep file out of unity to
The falls at the ends of the Earth.
But such is life, you think:

The child on the porch, tracing The Twins, is
No more you than the woman who
Strangled her love with a ring—
Who broke free to fly among the stars.
Living is to kill forever, to let the
Halos of the planets disappear and the
Galaxies merge.

To be shattered means rebuilding
The mirror, finding the person standing
Behind you is everything you’re not because
You are the light and it is the Shhhh…


Cory IngramCory Ingram (BA 2007 Woodsworth) is co-founder of Spencer+Ingram Real Estate Consulting in Calgary, Alberta. When he’s not analyzing data, Cory enjoys evenings at the symphony, French press coffee, and exploring meaning with the poet’s quill—in this case the stylus on his Samsung Note. He is also the winner of our 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest.


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# 1
Posted by Ailsa Robertson on July 29th, 2012 @ 9:56 pm

Thank you, Cory. Your writing took my hand and let me float away from here.

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