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Self-published poet Aracely Reyes often uses dark imagery in her work

A hollow, disconnected breeze
Appears and fades around a darkening tree.
A non-existent lamp fails to shine on the empty street.
An equally empty girl watches and waits for nothing,
Except for the wind to come and go,
And for time to continue its seamless painful dance.

She feels nothing she can touch
But her insides are frozen,
Still, by a constant gnawing at her mind and chest.
Her right thumb bends painfully as memories shoot across her
Like arrows, each striking their mark.
She accepts the pain, surrendering to its familiar strangle.


Aracely ReyesAracely Reyes (BA 2012 UTSC) is a multidisciplinary artist, working as an actress, visual artist, and playwright. Last year, she self-published her first book of poetry, Tragic Love: Poetry and Prose for the Unloved and Loving. When she’s not writing dark monologues, she’s in her makeshift studio, doodling in her sketch book.


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