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Status: Indian

Jeff Dupuis writes a poetic commentary on Aboriginal Affairs

Smile at the cigar store Indian
in the rearview mirror
of your Pontiac Aztek.
His expression is stern,
noble, savage.

The burglar alarm wakes you up.
Hit the gas, shift gears. Drive.
Sirens provide the soundtrack
for your escape. Freedom is along Highway 401.

He stands among waist-high blades of grass
at the edge of the Rouge River.
A white-tailed deer raises her head,
ears pointing forward, watching.

He is home now, amongst the wilderness,
free from his urban reservation.

Run. Be free.

He just stands there. Staring.
He’s been domesticated. City-dwelling
far too long.
You’ll try to teach him his culture,
with powerpoint presentations and
clips from old films.
But then you’ll tire, your legs made of a
softer flesh than his oak, and soon
you won’t be able to find the time.


Jeff DupuisJeff Dupuis (BA 2011 Woodsworth) writes poetry and short fiction, and reviews non-fiction and how-to books. In his off-hours, Jeff likes to train in the martial arts, or if nothing else, watch straight-to-DVD martial arts movies.


Writers’ Circle is a forum for creative voices from the U of T community. We will showcase previously unpublished poetry, short fiction and other prose by alumni, students, faculty and staff of the University of Toronto. Click here for more information or to submit writing for consideration.

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# 1
Posted by Daniel on March 11th, 2013 @ 11:01 pm

Jeff, I understand what you are expressing. It must be hard to be surrounded by a society that misrepresents Aboriginal people. I like the way you present the obvious misleading images that society doesn’t seem to understand. It’s very good that you wrote about this.

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