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Why does a poet envy the death of a martyr?

Philosophy and romance are intermingled in Moshiur Rahman’s poetry

Why does a poet envy the death of a martyr?

Duty of a foolish poet is to drown in false speech,
while he is drained of his pride by a blood loving leech:

An eternal romance is a mighty deception;
Nature’s obscurities lie in a believer’s perception.

Carefully we shape our thoughts to believe,
until God permits our souls to detach and leave.

The promiscuous nature of frozen trees;
fragrance of her neck in winter breeze.

Falling leaves and snow is a synchronizing tune;
Winter is an ill-fated lover’s fortune.


Moshiur RahmanMoshiur Rahman is currently in his final year at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He is completing a specialist program in Arts Management. Rahman often finds himself philosophically tangled in romantic thoughts — fragments of which can sometimes be found in his poems.


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