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New UTSC scholarships support students interested in women's issues

University of Toronto Scarborough has teamed up with a local branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) to offer scholarships to students interested in women’s issues. The first of the three awards will be given out this fall.

“We are thrilled that we’ve been able to strengthen our relationship with U of T Scarborough by assisting students from our community,” says Kathie Krashinsky, the awards convenor for CFUW Scarborough. “This gift celebrates the importance of grassroots community partnerships, which are at the heart of our chapter’s mission.”

The new CFUW Scarborough Entrance Scholarship will be open to any graduate of a Scarborough high school entering the first year of a humanities program at UTSC. Two CFUW Scarborough In-Course Scholarships will be awarded to students entering the third or fourth year of a major or minor program in women’s studies at UTSC. All three scholarships are open to men and women, and special consideration will be given to students who demonstrate a commitment to community leadership and who support women’s groups and women’s issues.

For 30 years, members of CFUW Scarborough have contributed to a scholarship fund for young women from local high schools. “Our initial intention was to relieve the financial burden facing young women who attend university,” says Krashinsky. Over the years, the fund has grown to $56,000. The Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund will match CFUW Scarborough’s gift, creating a permanent endowment of $112,000 for future UTSC students – an opportunity that was too good to pass up, says Krashinsky. “CFUW Scarborough and U of T Scarborough share common goals and values about education and about individuals in this community. This arrangement is a reflection of our long relationship and will have a great impact on students.”

CFUW is a voluntary organization of more than 10,000 women university graduates who are active in such areas as public affairs, education, law and social education.

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